Illustrated Tales of the Cat Life by DL Weeks

This is a digital painting of our long-time feline companion, Lucyfur, aka “Fur Pants”. She is the smallest cat in the house but compensates with attitude. She is always the first cat to find the sunny spots and the least willing to share them. Her primary passion in life is being a dog motivator. She waits patiently in their path and pats them nicely on the backside as they pass. (She might have been a sheep dog in a previous life.) She has a serious addiction to banana stickers and always seems to be thinking about problems I couldn’t possibly understand as a mere human.

My cats are an infinite source of artistic inspiration. Especially when they are stealing paintbrushes or stepping in fresh ink. I am fortunate to share my life with these beautiful creatures who seem always portrait-ready. My husband and I manage a household of rescue pets including cats, dogs and a rabbit who might be Superman. Living with a variety of pets who all have their own peculiar habits and opinions leads to some amusing situations. I illustrate and share these funny stories on my blog Where The Fluffalo Roam.

Thank you to Katzenworld for inviting me to participate in The Friday Art Cat!

-DL Weeks

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14 thoughts on “Illustrated Tales of the Cat Life by DL Weeks

  1. reflectionsbyexodushouseministries says:

    Wow??! What a great post! Love the picture!? I checked out your blog…some really good stuff!? I’m sure you will never run out of ideas and inspiration with all the wonderful “help” you have.??. Thanks for sharing this with us! And thanks Marc..for getting it out for us share! God Bless you all and your furry families too??? Andrea.

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