Adventures of Oliver, Nubia & Renegade – Renegade’s favourite cat toy the Monkey

Hi everyone,

We are back for the 16th installment of the Adventures of Oliver, Nubia & Renegade. : )

Today’s comic is all about Rennie’s favourite toy in the whole world! Though another cat in the household probably classifies it as the most annoying toy of all times. ; )

4cats Cuddly Catnip Monkey

Renegade has literally fallen in love with his little 4cats catnip monkey but does Nubia approve of this? Read on and checkout the cartoon!

We hope you enjoyed our little cartoon and we would love it if you can share it with your friends. 🙂



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16 thoughts on “Adventures of Oliver, Nubia & Renegade – Renegade’s favourite cat toy the Monkey

    • Marc-André says:

      We are actually working on a comic book of some stories with our artists. 🙂

      Maybe we need to do the strips as a comic book as well tho. 😀

      And thank you! I’m glad they are enjoyable. ^^

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  2. simon7banks says:

    Suzy’s favourite toy is a tomato-ketchup-coloured catnip mouse with white spots. It migrates up and down the stairs and often appears on my bed when I’ve been out. It also accompanies Suzy to the vet’s, but doesn’t need injections or worming tablets!

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