Guest Star: Sookie and Sadie

Sookie and Sadie are sisters, they came from PAWS in Findon, West Sussex, UK when they were seventeen weeks old.

They both have their problems, Sookie was born with cat flu so has gingivitis and one weeping eye and can sound a wee bit chesty (she also does not do hot or cold weather and gets grumpy) and Sadie due to her short body and legs (Sookie is long and leaner) can put on weight very easily.

Now these ladies have very different personalities for example every morning Sookie will come upstairs and get under the duvet for a quick cuddle and god does she like to lick lol and Sadie will wait in the kitchen and yell (she is not stupid, why waste energy walking upstairs when the food is in the kitchen) then feeding time, well due to Sadie and her speed eating (Sookie eats slowly) and the fact she would eat hers and Sookie’s food, poor Sookie 🙁 we have to shut Sadie and her food in the lounge until Sookie has finished.

Unfortunately Sadie is like this when it comes to anything tasty like treats she will barge Sookie out of the way and has to be reminded it is Sookie’s turn.

When it comes to laps Sadie loves a lap and will give you a lick on the hand too, Sookie likes to lie beside you but will lift one leg up so that you can stroke her tummy but when she has had enough she will either kick you or hit you with her paw.

These ladies are bossy, greedy, loud and know what they want but they are also very loving, funny and my bosses.

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