Renegade: My Best Friend in the Whole World!

Good morning everyone,

Renegade: Some of you may remember the cartoon that told you a bit about how much my sister hates my obsession with my best friend.

Adventures of Oliver, Nubia & Renegade – Renegade’s favourite cat toy the Monkey

Renegade: Well today I am BACK with the real deal! My 4cats catnip monkey. <3

Renegade: Come to me little one… I just want to <3 you. 😀

Renegade: One of my favorite thing about my little friend are the little sisal arms. 🙂


Renegade: Come on, come on! Just hold still for a little bit… I just need to “massage” your back and clean your little hands. 😉

Renegade: Yes? I am not trying to kill him… look I am just being friendly to him. 😮

Renegade: <3 I love snuggling up to him…. and squashing him ever so gently… 😀

Renegade: Right… I am all exhausted now! And I think my friend needs a little break as well now. ;o

Renegade: Don’t forget if you’d like to get one of these for your feline friend we still have some of my monkey friends left in our online shop! 😀

4cats Cuddly Catnip Monkey

Signed by,

Prince Renegade the Creator of Chaos and Grandest of Connoiseurs

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31 thoughts on “Renegade: My Best Friend in the Whole World!

  1. Clare Hemington says:

    It looks like 4Cats have created another wonderful product. I’ve just bought one and can’t wait to see what my own little feline family member thinks of it!

  2. sidilbradipo1 says:

    Let’s speak about this catnip-monkey! Dexter, the tuxedo master of mischief, gets crazy, absolutely crazy for it 😆
    To tell the truth his monkey has no legs anymore, and it is happily driven everywhere home all the time 😛
    Great toy <3
    Happy Catnip Easter!

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