Oliver & Renegade: Who Will Have the First Go at the New Food

Oliver: So my brother and I got a new bag of food today!

Renegade: Of course Oliver thought he is going to get in first… but remember I am the fastest cat in the entire universe!

Oliver: Replace fastest with most annoying and we’ve got a deal…

Renegade: Anyhow! So the bag of James Wellbeloved Oral Care arrived as part of our monthly shop from Animed Direct and of course the humans forgot the crucial part of opening it again!

Renegade: The bowl is still empty. 🙁

Renegade: Right… humans have the right idea now BUT it’s not in the bowl yet. 🙁

Oliver: That’s because they were waiting for me to be ready to dive in!

Oliver: *Munch munch*

Renegade: Not fair!!! I was here first! :O

Oliver: Tough luck you are normally in first. 😛

Renegade: After much delay… it was finally my turn to have some of this. And it was absolutely delicious. 😀

Oliver: And as always my brother just walks off without providing you all with the important details of this food… So why did the humans opt for this food?

Oliver: Well that’s simple the James Wellbeloved Oral Health cat food is an important part of our diet in order to help protect our teeth. The benefits of this particular food include:

  • Larger sized kibble which means our teeth will break each biscuit as we bite them and will help mimic the action that’s normally performed during tooth brushing
  • Added natural pea fibre to alter the texture so that there’s more contact between kibble and tooth
  • Contains cranberry extract which is believed to support urinary health. Which some of you may remember I had problems with a few months back so adding this food to my regular diet was a welcome help!
  • Supplies us with Omega 3 and 6 which helps keep our coat healthy and glossy
  • Added Yucca extract to help make our faeces smell better (WHAT! Are the humans trying to say we normally smell?!?)
  • Contains prebiotic and natural chicory inulin to maintain a healthy and happy gut
  • Balanced amount of fibre to help settle our tummies

Renegade: Brother I was going to tell them about this after my little cat nap! Plus you forgot to remind them that they can order this at Animed Direct. And don’t forget to tell your humans to be smart and make use of the free delivery in the UK on any order over £29. 😀

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Prince Renegade the Maker of Chaos and Grand Connoiseur

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10 thoughts on “Oliver & Renegade: Who Will Have the First Go at the New Food

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  2. mvaden1948 says:

    The picture of them looking around the bag at each other is great! What a lucky shot. I can just imagine how many you took before you got the ones you used here.

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