Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – An army of moon mice

Hi everyone,

We are back for the 14th installment of The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia!

As promised a few weeks back we are back with the continuation of the space odyssey of Oliver.

As expected being hailed as a god by the moon mice eventually became boring for his Meowjesty King Oliver so he had to find a way to get back home to earth.

But on the other hand… this was of course the purrfect chance to usurp her royal highness Queen Nubia! An army of obeying mice? Surely they can be used more efficiently than just to collect food…! ; )

Sorry Oliver but it appears your sister has beaten you once again haha.



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20 thoughts on “Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – An army of moon mice

    • Marc-André says:

      LOL but that would be exactly what he’d do if he could. When his sister gets angry he is terrified of her xD

      Luckily that only ever happens if he tries to steal her favourite treat. 😉

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