Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – All Hail the Moon King Oliver

Hi everyone,

We are back for the 13th installment of the amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia!

Many of you have been emailing and messaging us on Social Media to find out what happened to his Meowjesty King Oliver after he crashed on the moon in his spaceship toilet.

Today we are back for this mystery! ; )

Will Oliver make it back to earth?

And can Nubia survive her ordeal having to use the regular cat litter box?

All shall be revealed soon!



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9 thoughts on “Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – All Hail the Moon King Oliver

  1. meowmeowmans says:

    Who would have guessed that Oli going to the moon would throw everything into such disarray? We sure hope he (and the spaceship bathroom) come back soon!

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