Sturgeon? Lip-Smackingly delicious!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today! You are probably wondering what lip-smackingly delicious food I am eating right now? Well… Let’s start from the beginning!


Nubia: Humans… What is wrong with this bowl?!?


Nubia: I desperately need the assistance of someone with opposable thumbs! This bag of Almo Nature alternative dry looks very interesting but without it being opened by my humans…


Nubia: At last!


Nubia: I wonder what this is like…


Nubia: Ok we are getting there…


Nubia: Are you kidding me?!? One?


Nubia: We will be here for a while! Has anyone got a faster human for me? 😀


Nubia: Slowly but surely…. Almost ready for me to dig in! 😀


Oliver: *Sniff sniff* What’s happening here? This looks and smells delicious!


Nubia: Excuse me! What happened to ladies first!

Oliver: But but… it smells so nice!

Nubia: *Pushes Oliver out of the way*


Nubia: *Muffled due to full mouth* Like I said It’s my turn FIRST!

Nubia: Right now that my brother is further away I can properly sample this food! And it’s certainly getting my high paw of approval 😀

Nubia: As mentioned earlier this dry food is part of the ALmo Nature alternative dry range. Alternative Dry is the only kibble (dry food) for us cats that contains 100% HFC fresh meat originally fit for human consumption. Yes that does mean it’s 100% free of meat meal or dehydrated meat. Also this food is proven to be good for cats that are hypersensitive to foods!


Nubia: Not only is this much better for us but look the kibble is also not too big and not too small! Just right for me to eat. 😀

Nubia: At the moment this food comes in Fresh Chicken, Fresh Salmon and Fresh Sturgeon. We had the Sturgeon version of the food. But what is a Sturgeon… OLI!

Oliver: Right I’ve checked Sturgeon for you on the caternet it’s either a politician or a GIGANTIC fish!

Nubia: Right… well I highly doubt it’ll be the politician… the humans still need those.

Oliver: Oh ok… It must be this one in that case:

Nubia: I see… According to the wikipedia page there is 27 species of this fishy and it can grow  up to 7–12 feet (2-3½ m) in length. O.O!

Oliver: Ok! I’ll go catch us a live one. 😉

Nubia: I think we are better off pointing the readers to the Almo Nature website to buy some ready food… your hunting skills are renowned… to be terrible!

Oliver: Fine. 🙁 So if you would like to find out more about this amazing food head over to the Almo Nature website. Once on there you should find a list of places to purchase it via the “Store Locator” page – this will vary depending on country. For the UK there is a great selection of online retailers in edition to your local pet shop or now also in our blog shop! 🙂

Nubia: Questions? Let us know in the comments!

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief


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29 thoughts on “Sturgeon? Lip-Smackingly delicious!

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  2. Léa says:

    Tomorrow it will be Salmon here! There is nothing like celebrating a diva’s birthday with her favorite. Colette adores Salmon and she will be two years fabulous!

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