Purrsday Poetry: A Queen Without A Crown

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes by Bernie Colley.

A Queen Without A Crown

I saw a kitten yesterday
sitting on a sunbeam
she turned around as if to say
this is just a dream

she stepped down and came and sat
next to me on the ground
there she stayed a little cat
a queen without a crown

I gazed at eyes of liquid fire
as she told me her tale
of dreams and wants and her desire
to win and never fail

She told me of her last eight lives
how this was her last one
her hopes that this one she survives
until her days are done

Three to play and three to stray
so she could learn her place
then there was the three to stay
so she could earn her grace

When I woke up from that dream
I saw her sitting there
her eyes closed and quite serene
asleep without a care


Copyright@Bernie Colley 2016

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