Mews: 2017 Christmas Guide for Catlovers and Owners! *Meow*

Hi everyone,

With the colder times of the year it’s time to provide you all with another one of our christmas gift guides!

We hope you’ll enjoy our suggestions and do let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.

Gifts for Cats:

1. The Fowndry

You like important landmarks around the world? You want to give your cat a chance to experience them as well? These super cute cat houses are just the thing for this!

2. Sainsbury’s

This adorable christmas themed fish toy is available from your local Sainsbury’s supermarket in the UK! As you can see Rennie enjoyed his little present a lot. 🙂

3. Cheshire & Wain London

Those of you that have been following us for a while probably already know that we are huge fans of Cheshire & Wain London! So of course their latest range, the  Cheshire & Wain X Choupette’s Diary Collar had to be featured in our Christmas Gift guide! Two of ours have featured some of their collars before as you can see on Oliver and Nubia.

4.  Find Me A Gift

Is your cat going to be the next famous DJ?!? Find out with this fantastic DJ cat scratch deck from Find Me A Gift!

This bowl is another fun idea from Find Me A Gift. And we certainly know the feeling of this… whenever the bowl is empty Rennie will MEOW for more. 😉

5. annabeljames

annabeljames the place for luxurious but affordable gifts doesn’t just do gifts for humans! We found these lovely gifts for cats on their site. Such as this super cute storage tin.

6. Pet Angel

Looking for a fabulous brush for your feline companion? We were very impressed with the Pet Angel from Tangle Angel and will be posting a full review on it next month.

7. Canagan

Looking for a christmas dinner for your kitties? Canagan is another great range of food that is grain free and caters for our carnivore friends.

8. PetSafe

Looking for something useful for your cat that will also make your life easier?!? PetSafe has just the thing for you with their automatic litter box! The ScoopFree uses crystal litter replacement trays so all you need to do is take one out, seal it up and put the next one in!

Of course PetSafe also has a variety of cool cat toys of which we’ve reviewed some already and have more coming up over the next few months. 🙂

9. Feline Cuisine

Of course no gift guide for cats is complete without at least one food recommendation and this time we have a bunch for you! This new Feline Cuisine range is exclusively available at Tesco and we can’t wait to try it out with our own three connoisseurs.

10. Katzenworld Shop

Of course we had to include our own Blog Shop christmas range, not just because it’s our own shop but because the toys from 4cats are simply that good!

Additionally if you are looking for food we have also got amazing high quality food from our partner Almo Nature available in our shop. Don’t believe us? Check out what the cats thought!

11. Home Bargain

Of course we totally understand that some of you might be looking for something a little cheaper and that’s no problem as we’ve got some ideas from Home Bargain for you to cover that!

At time of writing the prices in store were:
Advent calendar – £1.29
Cat ornament bauble – 99p
Christmas stocking – £1.99

Gifts for Humans:

1. buyagift

buyagift is a wonderful place to find gift vouchers and more for your friends and families! And of course they’ve got things that us cat lovers will enjoy too. Such as this feed the Tigers experience.

We recently received a voucher from a friend for an afternoon tea experience and meet the Tigers through their site and will be making use of this once it’s warmer again. But we certainly can’t wait for this and will report back to you on our own experience. In the meantime this has made it into the top of our gift ideas for humans thanks to the surprise present. 🙂

For all of their cat themed experiences simply click here.

2. Espensen Spirit

Back for a second year running are the amazingly cute bottles from Espensen Spirit a local flavoured gin and vodka maker in Bristol! Available in many unique flavours that are sure to delight the person you choose to receive these.

What’s even better donations from the sale of every drink will be made to different local charities, including the homeless charity Caring in Bristol (particularly close to Sam’s heart as she left home very young and slept rough/sofa-surfed), Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, the Racehorse Rehoming Centre and a local cancer charity.

3. Mustard

Looking for a cute way to store your pens at work? Mustard has got you covered there! 🙂

They even have fairy lights and other amazingly cute cat items so do check out their full range of cat items.

4. Charles Clinkard

You are a crazy cat dad or mother? You want to get your children started early to ensure that they continue the legacy of loving cats? Charles Clinkard has an adorable lunchbox and backpack to achieve just that. 😀

5. Ginger Fox

This super cute and fun card game by Ginger Fox designed for the whole family can be purchased online and at John Lewis or Waterstones! We got one of these to try out and certainly LOVED it! 🙂 For those not in the UK Amazon is probably going to be the best location to get a copy of this.

6. Homesitters UK

Sprite & Scamp, Photographed for Homesitters, Dulwich, 12th July 2016

While kind of more of a necessity we all want to know that our kitties are safe while we are away! If you’re planning to go away at Christmas but won’t be able to take your cat with you, give them the gift of someone to love them while you’re away via our friends over at Homesitters (UK).

7. Find Me A Gift

I am sure like us you all take loads of photos of your cats as well. But how to display them so your visitors can see the cuteness of your cat(s)? This photo frame is the purrfect solution for this!

8. Parkinson’s UK

Looking for a gift that keeps you entertained at what could be a boring daytime job without your cat’s’ presence? This super cute 365 days calendar from the charity Parkinson’s UK is purrfect alternative to attempting to sneak your cat into the office.

9. iRobot

We all know how much we love our cats but at the same time don’t we hate the dust they leave behind from their litterbox? iRobot is a perfect solution here as it can keep your house clean without any effort of your own. 😉

We actually got a chance to try out one of these and were very impressed – the detailed review on this will follow soon!

10. Ulster Weave

These lovely kitchen and dining items from Ulster Weavers come in two different designs. The Cats in Waiting and the Catwalk range. There are items from as little as £2 so there should be something for every budget!

Cat Books:

1. Catfulness

Catfulness is an adorable book about the daily life of cats! It’s full with adorable illustrations will certainly make your life easier and more enjoyable as cats have so much they can teach us. 😉

The book is available through most book shops in various languages and of course via Amazon.

2. Claws, Confessions of a Cat Groomer

Claws, Confessions of a Cat Groomer by Anita Kelsey is one of our must reads this year! While a dedicated feature is coming soon we simply can’t wait until that point to recommend the book to you. 🙂

It’s a fun to read book that picks on some of her favorite grooming tales while showing readers how to do it right! 😉

The book is available via most bookstores and Amazon and you can even get a hand signed copy as special stocking filler directly from the author!

3. A Million Christmas Cats

Looking for something relaxing to do while sitting at the fireplace or relaxing on the sofa? A Million Christmas Cats is the cats meow for this! Available through book shops as well as Amazon.

4. Amazon Fire 7 HD

You prefer to read your books via an e-reader? The new Amazon Fire 7 HD could come in handy here! We got one of these recently to be able to read our books for reviews on the go and of course you can even watch series and movies on there.

Plus Amazon has plenty of cat themed books, movies and series available via their shop and Amazon Video.

8. Cattitude

If you want to learn how to draw your cat you’ve found the book! Cattitude: Drawing Cats for Creative People by Lulu Mayo is fun and easy to follow.

We shall make sure to review some more these over the coming year!

For more ideas you can also browse our in house product reviews here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.

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