Cat Travel: Neko no Jikan Amemura – Osaka Cat Cafe Part 2

Hi everyone,

Today we are back for the second part in our Neko no Jikan Amemura series. For those that missed part one please check out this post.

And actually… I somehow forgot to post this part and already posted part 3 and 4… mistakes can happen!

In this post it’s more about looking at what else the cats were up to in the cafe and of course showing of some more of their cute residents!


There were plenty of water fountains throughout the cafe! We thought this was especially good as with so many cats in one place it’s important to provide more resources to the kitties.

Have you come to visit me? 😉

As mentioned in the previous post many of their cats are Persians that were taken in by the cafe not based on this exotic breed but the fact that many Japanese abandon these poor guys due to their health issues caused by over breeding.

Iain quickly made friends with a very special one of them!

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What you can’t see on the above photos is that he almost looks like an owl from the front! Luckily we managed to get a few more good shots on which you can actually see this. 😉

“Who are you calling an owl???”

While it may seem that there were far too many cats in one place the cafe was actually a lot more spacious than your average Japanese cat cafe and had another whole area that wasn’t accessible by guests for those cats that wanted some well deserved rest from the tourists.

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Meanwhile those that enjoyed attention had plenty of space to roam around! Boxes to climb up and ledges facing the window to watch passer-bys.


This guy may have a slightly grumpy face but he was one of the sweetest cats there! 😀


I wouldn’t want to be in charge of brushing this one… Looks like it would take a LONG time!

Of course being a cat cafe they also had plenty of cat themed gifts and cat toys to purchase and take home with you! Some of these can be seen in the below gallery.

This cafe is well worth a visit to meet all of the cats and support the ongoing welfare provided to these rescue cats as well as the local cat charities to whom the cafe gives aid.


Below you can see a map for directions to get to this Cafe. 🙂

More details can be found on their website here. (In Japanese)

We hope you enjoyed the second part of the Osaka cat Cafe – Neko no Jikan and are looking forward to more photos of the resident kitties. 😀

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