Cat Travel: Neko no Jikan Amemura – Osaka Cat Cafe Part 4

Hi everyone,

This is the fourth part in our Neko no Jikan Amemura series. For those that missed the others click on the respective post number for the previous ones: part 1part 2, part 3.

Today’s post is staring a little ginger cat as well as some more of the interior decoration of the cafe.

“How high up are we actually? And what is that shop down there???”

Well to answer Mr Ginger’s question… The cafe is located on top of the shop so probably like a 1.5 / 2nd floor rather than just first floor! And as we are in Amemura we are surrounded by trendy cloth shops! It’s the hip area of Osaka with all the young crowds.

“Well they better behave if they come here…”

Of course they will! There are strict rules in the cafe to ensure the safety of all cats. Washing of hands, taking of shoes and of course no PICKING UP (Petting allowed!) just to name a few important ones.


There were plenty of different water bowls throughout the cafe to provide plenty of resources to the cats. It always amazes me how well they all seem to get along!

“I want in that box!!!”

I’m afraid the box is occupied at the moment. 😉

“But I am much cuter… Let me in that box. :(“

There are plenty of other places in the cafe! And I’m sure you’ll get your turn to use that box. 😉

Now what has he found now? Could it be the mouse on the wall???

We weren’t lucky enough to catch any of the cats climbing on this wall but as you can see it certainly provides them with an extra dimension of space to get away from visitors or seek some quietness from the fellow felines. 🙂

Below you can see a map for directions to get to this Cafe. 🙂

More details can be found on their website here. (In Japanese)

We hope you enjoyed the second part of the Osaka cat Cafe – Neko no Jikan and are looking forward to more photos of the resident kitties. 😀

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13 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Neko no Jikan Amemura – Osaka Cat Cafe Part 4

  1. meowmeowmans says:

    What a great cat café! We especially love that cool climbing wall. We hope that cute ginger kitty got its turn in the box. 🙂

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