Product Review & Sweepstake: The Purrfect box + fun videos and photos

Hello everyone,

So last week Friday was the day that our Purrfectbox arrived!

Oliver was super excited and guarded the box as it came in. 😀

He didn’t want to wait for me to open it and started digging into the box himself as you can see on the below video:

Once I opened it the two were even more eager to get inside! So let us see what they thought about their purrfect box! 😀


Nubia: This is all mine!

Oliver: I don’t think so… I have first dibs on the toys…


Oliver: Can we play with this first???


Oliver: So many new things!!! 😀


Nubia: Right well I am keeping this – you don’t like fish anyway Oliver 😀

Oh and here is a little video of Nubia enjoying her valerian heart pillow!

Our cats and us were very impressed with the box – it contained a variety of different items that both of them enjoyed!

So the content of the August box were the following 5 items. We researched these on the internet to check if this box truly is good value:

Hello cat Salmon snack – Cheapest we found 3.82£
4Cats Valerian heart pillow – Cheapest we found online £4
Trixie Multi vitamin paste –  
Cheapest we found £5.99
A spot laser toy – Cheapest we found £2.80
The Wasabycat scratching post – Cheapest we found online £9.52

Total value: £26.13

We weren’t able to find all of the items from the same shop so more than likely you would have ended up paying significantly extra for postage from a variety of shops or paid slightly more than the above price to get it from your local pet shop.

So let us look at their general subscription prices:

Purrfect Box Subscription InfoAs you can see even if you choose to pay monthly you would have saved £6.23 versus buying each item separately and that doesn’t even take into consideration that free postage is included! (And far more important a BOX for your cat to PLAY with 😉 ) So for those of you that don’t want the hassle of choosing, get a surprise every month AND save money versus buying the content separately this is the purrfect choice!

Purrfectbox also allows you to setup a profile for your cat on their page which means that your OWN box will be tailored to your cats profile and if you have more than one cat you can add multiple profiles for your cats to your account.

Entering your cats profile is easy (and cute!) as seen below:


Each box comes with a theme and this one was the August summer theme box. It came with a cute small booklet with cat themed news on the first page (for example they featured the oldest cat in the world which we too had on the blog here!) followed by some useful tips and lastly a listing of your box content.

To find out more about the box and to sign up for one please click here.

And now here is a super special treat for you all! Click here for your chance to get a FREE box for your cat or dog and even if you don’t win you will still get a percentage off voucher of your first box order. 🙂 (Please note the link points to our temporary promotion site on a free server only because WordPress doesn’t allow java code to run in this post.)

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! 🙂



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29 thoughts on “Product Review & Sweepstake: The Purrfect box + fun videos and photos

  1. Loved this happy were the babies to raid their own boxes :) boring shoes or other stuff…all kitty goodies 🙂 and I loved the music too..perfect nip music haahhaah 🙂 hugs Fozziemum

  2. Wow! I had no idea that cats=dogs=kids=humans (commutative law applies here)!) when it comes to gift boxes and presents!! Amazing and a great reminder than we are all really, truly made of the same stuff!

  3. We already heard about many monthly boxes, and we think it’s great because many of them help shelters. Do you know if they deliver in Switzerland ? Purrs

    1. Oh. Not sure if they deliver to Switzerland. But it’s a French company that operates from France. It’s called meowbox there. Might be worth dropping them a message. 🙂

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