Charoula’s Behavior toward her ‘big’ mother


After some research at home I finally figured out why every time Giota is on the phone Charoule (our cat) is making noise like she wants to use the phone too! 

I believe she thinks that we are cats too and is annoyed that her mother doesn’t pay full attention to her. 😮

It’s strange but yes while cats can tell apart dogs as other animals they do believe that we are cats and therefore must join their hierarchy ;).

Hmmm of course some kind of bigger cat but who cares they can knead us and cuddle with us whenever they want! 🙂


Dim Pap

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9 thoughts on “Charoula’s Behavior toward her ‘big’ mother

  1. I honestly don’t inderstand this at all. What is the point?? I must be missing something. This makes no sense to me. So sorry.

  2. Hi There.
    I miss my cat SO much.
    Love my dog to bits but cats are special.
    Mex won’t hear of another cat even though I have told him it might keep snakes away.
    Didn’t mention that a cat might just bring a snake home to show us!!

    1. Is Mex your dog or your partner/husband? A human is easy to deceive – just chose a coldish day, get a kitten, wet it thouroughly – beware, kitten might not like that part! – and set it up on the front door, then ring the bell. The rest will be done by the power of adorability.

  3. I can totally identify with that story, Kitty hangs around when I am on the phone and a dog that I just lost after 15 years used to always bark when I was on the phone. If I was talking to someone in person he would bark until I picked him up, then I had to talk and nurse him at the same time!!! It’s all about them!

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