Mews: Poppy the world’s oldest cat dies at the age of 24

So while reading one of our local newspapers today we found these rather sad but yet interesting news.

Apparently poppy who lived in Bournemouth – UK passed away just weeks after she received the honour by the Guinnes World Records of being the worlds oldest living cat at the age of 24!

Poppy was submitted to the “Oldest Cat Currently Living” category in February 2014 and was officially awared her world title on the 19th of may just 23 days before her death. 🙁

The full story can be found on the Bournemouth Echo news site by clicking here.

From all of us @Katzenworld Blog our thoughts are with her family! <3


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12 thoughts on “Mews: Poppy the world’s oldest cat dies at the age of 24

  1. Jan Hobbs says:

    What a beautifully long and glorious life she had! Don’t cry because she is gone, smile because she was here! I know that it sounds trite, but it is so true. I imagine all souls who have passed (human too) as being someone across that rainbow bridge, whole, happy, and doing whatever they loved best in life once more! I imagine that is what sweet Poppy is doing. Hopefully she is with those I have loved and lost, and they are all waiting for us, with a purr, and a woof, and pat on the sofa as if to say “here you go, we saved you a spot!”

  2. anneyerman says:

    Poppu must have been well loved to have lived so long. I’m cat-sitting right now for a cat rescued from the Humane Society. The first item on the list from the owner of what I need to do for Sara is “cuddles”. I think Sara will live a long time too! Thanks for liking my latest blog.

    • Marc-André says:

      You are welcome :). And yes you are right she lived a very long life so must have been happy. I hope ours will reach the same age ^^. And yeah cuddles is first thing on our cat sitter instruction list too. Followed by play time LoL

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