Purrsday Poetry: An Elemental Dream

An Elemental Dream

One by one,
you arrive on your
little cat feet,
connecting the circle
night after night.
My deity of winds
My blazing fire imp
My steady earth goddess
My enchanting water sprite
and you, my fifth element,
black of aether,
black of the unknown,
the power of the Center.
I believe in you, all my loves.
I have faith and try
to be patient while
still stuck here
or somewhere in between
but always waiting and watching
for the gate to open
Making us whole again.

–Willow Croft
(All Rights Reserved ©2017)

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Purrsday Poetry: A Cats Head Haiku

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Steve Dalachinsky.

snake plants
in the window –
a cat’s head

Haiku by Steve Dalachinsky

Photo Credit: Gardeningknowhow which also contains some great tips on toxicity of plants.

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Purrsday Poetry: Calico Fluff

The ball of calico fluff extends
grows longer,
then longer still…
she uncurls herself,
displaying proudly floofy belly
till the last thing to curl
is her pink, barbed tongue
in a heroic yawp.
Please visit the author’s page here.