Purrsday Poetry: The Coon Cat who “Helps” me work

My ever-present helper
when I try to work from home,
always guards my briefcase
and rests beside my phone.
The moment I’m not looking,
he’ll munch upon my snack, and
push the phone onto the floor
when I have turned my back.
He sleeps atop my papers,
and my keyboard is his toy,
when he isn’t on my desk
I miss my baby boy.
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6 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: The Coon Cat who “Helps” me work

  1. catladymac says:

    We notice you have secured your phone in a similar way to how our huMom does. Great minds – or great kitties – think alike

    • floridaborne says:

      He likes to knock the receiver on the floor and hear the “lady” say, “If you would like to make a call, please hang up…” He seems to be hypnotized by it.

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