Oliver in Camouflage!

Camouflage works well when you
match perfectly the other hue.
Silver doesn’t blend when green
and pinkest paw pads can be seen.
Black and white are lots of fun
when draped upon the flying nun
but when it lies atop a chest
it stands out like a neon vest.
When you choose a secret place
away from cameras in your face.
Climb atop the highest tree
a place where humans fear to be.


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29 thoughts on “Oliver in Camouflage!

    1. Haha xD. Oli’s step sister (or something like that) is a Labrador ;). It’s the puppy of one of my sisters. :). She even had a guest appearance on the blog after a holiday ^^

      1. A dog blogging on a cat blog… I don’t know what to think of that. But labradors are nice, mostly. I like playing with them at the beach!

  1. Such a cute photo – it always amazes me how small a place cats can squeeze into! Our kitten loves shoes and we hide things in them for her to find, then my OH puts his boots on at 4am for work…forgetting there are pencils, drinking straws, pin pong balls and a catnip banana in them!

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