Purrsday Poetry: The Cat Whisperer (Case of the Finicky Feline)

Here we are

Face to face

Laying on the living room carpet

A ball of yawn between us

You’ve been toying with me, Mr. Cat

Prancing about

Suave movements

You’ve been toying with me all along

Having me to believe you are content

With my soft and gentle rubbing of your back

My fingers slowly rubbing your chin

Maybe I am induced to do so

The sound of your purring, soooo alluring

Chasing mice is beneath you

You’d rather blend in with the environment

Unnoticed, but observant

I call out to you, but you do not come

I make funny noises, but you do not come

And when I decide to give up

You saunter out, so debonair you are

So, it has come to this

A ball of yawn

Your eyes are lit up, Mr. Cat

Your whiskers are twitching

Have I managed to tame you?

Or are you toying with me?


Photo Credit: www.tigercatstudio.com – Trout and Yarn by Megan Granholm

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martial arts films, music, poetry, and hockey. this is just a little of who I am. Spirit of the Living God, alive inside of me.
Never stop dreaming….


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