The Poetry Challenge!

Hello everyone!

Some of you may be aware that we have been challenged by Cats at the Bar to write a poem! The rules were simple – write a 10 line poem involving the word “Love”.

Of course my own skills at poetry would have caused the world as we know it to end (dramatic background music) but fortunately for myself and the sanity of all of you Floridaborne has saved us all by writing the poem for us and the kitties 😀

I have linked the names of the cats to their category so feel free to check out some of their cute photos. 😉

Nubia loves climbing high,
loves pondering the sky.
Mao loves cuddle time,
Snowball loves life sublime.
Oliver loves clean clothes,
loves carpet tingling toes.
Jack loves Christmas lights,
loves spaces very tight.
Spoiled cats love treats,
better…they love meats.
Here is a bonus photo of  Jack as kitten who would like to say thanks to Floridaborne for all the help. <3
Now to my own challenge! First I would like to challenge Moongazer from Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain because I count her as a good friend AND she previously nominated us for an amazing award. 🙂
Next up we are nominating one of our good doggy friends over at easy blog – just because we want to see a doggy write a poem! 😀
Third challenge goes to franhunne4u from the Blog inhannover no particular reason apart from we may get a German poem? 😉
And lastly because we need a real poet at work I challenge our good friend Sylvester over at Syl65’s Blog! 😀
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62 thoughts on “The Poetry Challenge!

  1. I post and publish POETRY in many elite groups. Several cat poems can be found on my Profile. I am a copywrited poet.

      1. 😀 No need to apologise, it was just a bit of an eek moment LOL
        I shall certainly give it a go. I have my first line, anyway :p
        Thank you for the compliment too 🙂

          1. They were “in trouble,” but clueless. I couldn’t really punish them. They began their thread-thrashing in one of two ways, during the night, or while I was away from home. 🙁

  2. Good choice with syl65. If you need another poet, let me know. I’m new to your site so I don’t know the sweet kitties yet, but all cats are poetry in motion…especially the way they pull our heartstrings.

          1. You really are cute…don’t worry I’m an old married lady. I used a few special cats, but not mine, except for a line drawing. Coming to you by email. I didn’t put a copyright on it…it’s for the website and all the homeless kitties of the world. Sorry, I’m a publisher. We think about those things.

  3. You know Marc? I was reading your Poem. Its funny and NOT BAD AT ALL. I think you did a GREAT job! I can get you into some of the small elite poetry groups, should you be interested. I spot GREAT talent! Kind of, sort of: the point is that what you came up with is really a great job!! I love it. I don’t think you will find an editor to get it published, but its not bad at all!

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