This Sumptuous Paradise – An Owl and the Pussycat Poem

“How gracious, Sir, to let me share your home !
You sweet acquaintance whose supurrb commands
Have calmed the canines’ raucous rude demands,
Purrsueding them to grumble out a poem !
I glide my whiskered jowls upon the bark
Of your sky stretching oak: mew must be proud
Of your majestic kingdom. I’m allowed
The peaceful splendor of your forest park

To wander in with thankfulness ! Each treat
That mew have fed me is a festive feast
Of whooshing magic: soundless, and more sweet
Than anything I’ve dined on. How discreet !

And when the winter winds bring blizzards forth,
Although I’m gifted with this silken fur,
You fold your wings around me and I purr:
My feathered angel in this frozen North !

This sumptuous paradise, this glorious tree
And your warm downy nest: sublime abode !
You’ve made me feel I’ve found our mother lode:
One kind kine and a barn for mew and me !”

Author’s note

She once had been a much loved house cat and, through various tragic misfortunes, became abandoned and homeless, and bullied by those horrendous bad kinds of dogs who hate cats.

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