The Mayhew Animal Home Rebrands to ‘Mayhew’

The Mayhew Animal Home Rebrands to ‘Mayhew’

The longstanding London-based animal welfare charity, The Mayhew Animal Home, has rebranded, overhauling its brand strategy, identity and logo to appeal to a wider audience and highlight the range of proactive animal welfare and community outreach work it delivers in addition to the rescue and rehoming work it is well known for.

The charity has rebranded to ‘Mayhew’ with a new strapline, ‘for dogs, cats and communities.’ Their strapline was formerly `Helping animals and their carers since 1886.’

The rebrand was prompted after the charity recognised that supporters and the general public were not necessarily aware that the organisation is much more than an animal shelter with its increased focus on preventative work, education and community engagement, aimed at improving companion animal health and welfare both in London and overseas, whilst simultaneously retaining its heritage of more than 130 years of addressing the issues in its local area.

The charity also recognised that with the rebranded focus its supporter base could be broadened, appealing to a wider audience.

The London-based charity, which provides help and support to neglected, unwanted and abandoned animals as well as vulnerable, sick and elderly pet owners and the homeless and their pets, worked on the rebrand with the London branding agency, Fabrik Brands.

“We have had a significant and sustained, long-term impact over the years helping pets and their owners in the community across London and receive great affection from our supporters who know us and our work, however, this is not necessarily reflected in all of our audiences and the broader public awareness and perception,” said Sonya Brucciani, Head of Marketing and Communications at Mayhew.

“In order to engage with new supporters and raise the vital income we need to deliver our essential services in communities, both in London and overseas,  we want to increase our brand’s awareness and promote the wide range of animal welfare initiatives we deliver beyond our rescue and rehoming work.”

“This is more than just a logo and name change for us. We have also updated our mission and vision, placing our existing companion animal related human behaviour change activities at the heart of the charity.”

The charity’s strapline is changing from “Helping Animals and their Carers since 1886” to “For dogs, cats and communities” and Mayhew’s blue logo is being replaced by a purple logo incorporating a dog’s and cat’s tail.

The change in strap and logo reinforces the focus on education, preventative work and community engagement that Mayhew has led on for many years and also incorporates those dogs, cats and communities we are helping in the UK and overseas.

Caroline Yates, CEO, Mayhew, says, “We are really proud to be launching our new brand identity. A lot has changed since we started in 1886 but sadly a lot hasn’t. We still see the joy that living with a dog or cat can bring. But we still see the misery and suffering that comes from ignorance and neglect as well as the effect of treating animals as commodities.”

“We are one of the oldest London animal charities, having been at the forefront of animal welfare for 131 years, so we had to ensure that our new brand embodies the comprehensive and holistic range of innovative work that we do, as well as retaining our recognition and the loyalty and trust we have from our supporters.”

“Our animal welfare work involves so much more than being a rescue and rehoming charity with a shelter facility, so it’s important that we create wider awareness about our work in London and our efforts to create sustainable change and better lives for animals and communities where we work abroad in Afghanistan, Georgia, Russia and India.”

Mayhew is launching their new brand at their annual fundraising Family Day Out event, Hounds on the Heath, on Hampstead Heath on 16th July 2017. The day includes celebrity-judged Dog Shows, agility course, food, games and activities. The brand will be rolled out during July onwards.

For further information on our new brand, go to:

For further information on Hounds on the Heath go to:

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Charity Mews: Lost Cat Reunited with Owners after Nine Months

Hi everyone,

Today we are back with yet another happy-ending story from our friends over at The Mayhew Animal Home!

And it proofs that one should never give up hope when it comes to a missing cat…

Lost Cat Reunited with Owners after Nine Months

A lost cat who went missing for nine months has been reunited with her owners thanks to having the correct microchipping details and The Mayhew Animal Home.

Two-year-old calico cat, Jingle, first arrived at The Mayhew after a member of the public found her hiding behind a block of flats in a poor condition. Sadly, Jingle was skinny and had suffered from some injuries whilst she was missing and had several dry scabs over her back and shoulders.

Fearing that she was in a lot of pain, the kind gentleman immediately brought Jingle to The Mayhew. On arrival, The Mayhew’s Vet Team got to work with checking Jingle over and making sure she was comfortable.

Mayhew Vet, Dr. Emma Robinson, said: “Jingle had large, dry scabs over much of her back and shoulders. The injuries appeared to be burns of some description, possibly from a chemical, and she smelt like solvent.”

“We examined the scabs, which luckily appeared to be fairly superficial, and clipped and cleaned her wounds and gave her pain relief to help her feel more comfortable while she was with us.”

Whilst Jingle was recovering, The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers scanned her and found that luckily she was microchipped.

Animal Welfare Officer at The Mayhew, Tania Mazzoni, said: “One of the first things we do when an animal is brought in to us, is check for a microchip so we can contact the owner as quickly as possible. Fortunately Jingle was microchipped, so we were able to contact her owner straight away and give her the good news that she was safe at our Home.”

Jingle was last seen by her owner, Monika, at her home in Willesden Green in April 2016 – a whopping nine months before she was found.

Jingle’s owner, Monika, said: “Jingle has always liked wandering, but she usually only disappears for two or three days maximum at a time, so when she was missing for longer than that, I began to really worry. I desperately tried to find Jingle and called up the microchipping company to see if she had been found, but sadly had no luck.”

“I was thrilled when we got the call from The Mayhew to say they had Jingle. It was actually my birthday when they called and it was truly the best present to find out she was safe.”

After being lost for such a long time, Jingle was finally able to return home. Her owner came to collect her from The Mayhew and took her back home where she would feel safe and comfortable with her family, and could continue her medical treatment with her local vets.

Monika, added: “It’s amazing to have Jingle back with us and she has settled back into her home really quickly. We were heartbroken to find out that she had gotten injured when she was lost, and we have since taken her to our vets frequently. Thankfully now she is back to her happy, healthy self, and the scabs have healed, she’s gained back a healthy weight and her fur has grown back.”

Tania, added: “Jingle’s story highlights how important it is to get your pet microchipped, as it means we can quickly reunite beloved pets with their owners. Sadly we get hundreds of stray cats and dogs come in to us every year who haven’t been microchipped, and it’s heartbreaking to think that they could be someone’s missing pet.”

“Microchipping your pet is a hallmark of responsible pet ownership, and is a reliable way of making sure that you and your pet can be reunited should they ever go missing. We encourage anyone who hasn’t got their pet microchipped to make an appointment at our Community Vet Clinic or visit one of the many microchipping events in local parks in April, where our team of Animal Welfare Officers are on-hand to microchip dogs for free.”

“Thanks to being microchipped, we were able to get in contact with Jingle’s owner within just 24 hours of her being brought into our Home. We don’t know what happened to Jingle during the nine months and can imagine she must have been so scared. We’re so glad that she is safe now and is back with her owner where she can be loved again and fully recover from her ordeal.”

The Mayhew see hundreds of lost cats and dogs come through their doors every year, unfortunately many of which are not identifiable because they haven’t been microchipped. With the one-year-anniversary of the compulsory dog microchipping law coming up in April, The Mayhew are urging owners who have not already got their pet chipped to do so with their free microchipping for dogs events and low-cost services at their Community Vet Clinic.

Since the law was passed on April 6th 2016, it is now a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and their contact details kept up-to-date. Owners who do not microchip their dog could be faced with a penalty fine, so now really is the time to get your pet microchipped. Though this law doesn’t include cats for now, Jingle’s story, highlights how effective this tiny little chip can be in making sure you and your pet stay together pawever.

In light of the one-year anniversary of the law, The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers are offering free microchipping for dogs at BARK in the Park community events in April. Even if you haven’t managed to microchip your dog, The Mayhew will do it for free, no questions asked. Head to their website to find out more about the events.

The Mayhew also offers low cost microchipping services at their Community Vet Clinic in Kensal Green, North West London. Please call 020 8962 8017 or email to book an appointment.

If you and your pet have been happily reunited thanks to the power of the microchip, share your story on social media using the hashtag #TogetherPawever.

Charity Mews: Abandoned Young Mummy Cat Finds her Fairy Tale Ending

Hi everyone,

Today we have another story from our friends over at the Mayhew Animal Home.

Please do share with everyone to highlight the importance of neutering your cat and of course to watch out for poor abandoned and stray cats and kittens at this cold time of the year that might be in need of our support!

Abandoned Young Mummy Cat Finds her Fairy Tale Ending

A young pregnant mummy cat, who gave birth in a tool shed, is finally on her way to finding happiness thanks to The Mayhew Animal Home.

The one-year-old cat, named Mimi, was found abandoned and giving birth by a member of the public in North London.

The kind resident, Elizabeth Chrysanthou, couldn’t believe it when she discovered the calico cat in her husband’s shed.

Elizabeth said: “As I was taking out the rubbish, I noticed my cat, Maxi, standing on full alert close to the shed at the bottom of our garden. The shed door was slightly ajar, which I didn’t think anything of, until Maxi started grumbling and growling.”

“I immediately thought my neighbour’s cat, Diesel, must have wandered in again and got herself trapped. As I opened the shed door wide to allow her a quick escape, I couldn’t believe what I discovered instead.”

“Under my husband’s makeshift desk on an old rug, five little furry balls were shivering close to mummy cat, Mimi, who was licking her last kitten. She looked so scared and worried. Straight away I knew I couldn’t leave them there, so I decided to move them all into the house for the night. I closed the door in fear of Maxi going inside and went rummaging through my home looking for something suitable to keep them in.”

“I had an old, big cardboard box that I placed bathroom mats and towels at the bottom of to make sure mum and her babies were comfortable.”

“Half of me was anxious to try and keep the babies as warm as possible and the other half of me was in fear of what the terrified mum would do to me if I touched her precious litter. Thankfully I managed to get the new family into the house and up into my bedroom without any fuss.”

As soon as Elizabeth told her husband what had happened, he knocked on neighbours’ doors and searched the local area for lost posters, but had no luck.

Elizabeth said: “We didn’t know what to do next. One of our neighbours popped over to see the kittens and suggested we call The Mayhew Animal Home for help and advice.”

After they called The Mayhew, our Cat Welfare Coordinator, Georgina Disney, collected Mimi and her kittens and took them back to our Home, where our Cattery staff immediately settled her and her litter into a warm and comfortable cat cabin and our Vet Team gave them all a thorough health check.

Sadly one of her kittens passed away shortly after arriving at The Mayhew and could not be revived by our Vet Team. Thankfully, Mimi’s other kittens, one female and four males named after Beauty and the Beast characters; Belle, Maurice, Lumière, Chip, and Beast, were all healthy and happy.

Elizabeth added: “I am truly thankful to Georgina; she was kind, understanding, sympathetic and most importantly gentle and humane when handling Mimi and her babies. I felt at ease, trusting Georgina completely.”

“I’m so pleased I found Mimi and her kittens that night. Me and my husband have become quite attached to Mimi, so much so that we’ve decided to adopt her and give her a new home she truly deserves.”

The Mayhew’s Cat Welfare Coordinator, Georgina Disney, said: “Mimi is such a sweet cat; we can’t imagine how worrying it must have been for her trying to find a safe place to give birth.”

“Soon after arriving at The Mayhew, we managed to find Mimi and her kittens a foster home for a few weeks. With advice, information, food and other cat supplies, the foster carer was more than happy to look after them.”

“It was important that they all stayed together, so the kittens could receive the proper nutrients from their mum’s milk, which is essential for keeping them healthy and for their growth.”

“We are very grateful to Elizabeth for finding them and contacting The Mayhew and for our foster carer for stepping in to care for them during this crucial time. Without their help, Mimi would most likely have had to raise her kittens on the streets and we can’t imagine how terrifying that would have been for them.”

Once Belle, Maurice, Lumière, Chip, and Beast are old enough and have been neutered, they will be available to find their purrfect home and fairy tale ending.

The Mayhew’s Vet Team give all of the kittens that come into our care a thorough health check, including vaccinating, neutering and treat them for fleas and worms. Our experienced Cattery Team spend hours socialising them, feeding them and making them comfortable and our Adoption Team work tirelessly to find them new forever homes.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrated all the mums in the world from animal mums like Mimi, to foster mums and adoptive mums, who are truly one in a million.

Find out more about our work by visiting and please consider a donation to help us rescue and care for more animals like Mimi. You can make an instant donation by texting “CATS27 £5” or your chosen amount (up to £10) to 70070, or by donating on our website at

If you are interested in adopting a cat in our care, please visit  or call 020 8962 8009.

Charity Mews: Young Cat Dumped Outside Homebase Starving and Covered in Oil

Hi everyone,

Today we have another heart breaking story from the Mayhew Animal Home which luckily did have a happy ending!

But we also find it shocking how many poor homeless cats are out there in need of help and more importantly love…

Young Cat Dumped Outside Homebase Starving and Covered in Oil

A terrified and emaciated cat, who was dumped in the rain outside Homebase, has finally found happiness thanks to The Mayhew Animal Home.    The 13-month-old tabby and white cat, named Kimmie by Mayhew staff, was discovered in a wire top cat carrier by a member of the public in Homebase’s car park in East Acton.

At the time it had been raining heavily, so the local shopper immediately brought the poor tabby into The Mayhew. On arrival, Kimmie was soaking wet, extremely underweight, and looked like she had been lying in engine oil.

The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, Tania Mazzoni, said: “We can’t say how long Kimmie had been outside in her cat carrier for, but she was wet, freezing cold, and very skinny.”

“Where pet owners are having difficulty, we urge them to contact us first and we will see what we can do to help. If owners called us in the first instance, we can help in many other ways rather than the last resort of them dumping their pet.”

“As Animal Welfare Officers, our job is to help pets and advise their owners on the best course of action. We are here to help the animal and prevent suffering, no matter what the problem is, we do not judge anyone.”

Seeing that she needed urgent care, our Vet Team got straight to work with checking Kimmie over and making sure she was comfortable.

Our Head Vet, Dr. Ursula Goetz MRCVS, GP Cert (SAS) CVO, said: “Poor Kimmie was in a bad way – it looked like she had been lying in engine oil, she was unsteady on her feet, and very underweight. Her whole body was also twitching, which we thought might have been caused by the intoxication of the oil when she tried to lick herself clean.”

“The oil covered most of her stomach to the extent that she could not move her hind legs freely as it was sticking so tightly to the wounds caused by the oil on her tummy. She had to be sedated, so we could clip and clean her carefully. We delicately eased the sticky fur out of her wounds, freeing her hind legs, so she was able to move and stand again.”

“The skin underneath her stomach was covered in red raw wounds, so we put her on pain relief before she woke up again to ensure she was comfortable while she recovered.”

“After she was fully bathed and cleaned, we took blood and urine tests and gave her fluids. During the thorough health check, we discovered that Kimmie had also developed ulcers in her mouth, most likely caused from the oil she had been cleaning off herself. She was on several different treatments, but it was a joy to see her become cheekier and more confident day by day. Kimmie is such a sweet and affectionate character; she was forever making us laugh with her playful personality.”

“We also continued to bathe and clean her wounds to make sure the skin underneath her stomach healed properly. It took over a month for her to fully recover.”

After receiving medical attention from our Vet Team, including vaccinations and flea and worming treatments, our Cattery team then settled Kimmie into warm and cosy cabin and gave her food and water to help her get her strength back up.

As soon as she was neutered and our Vet Team was satisfied she was in good health, our Cat Adoption Team soon found Kimmie the purrfect home.

She has since been renamed Pepsi and is enjoying her new life in her loving home.

Her new owner, Sam, said: “I adopted Kimmie, now called Pepsi, from the fabulous Mayhew Animal Home. She loves her new home, has settled in very well and follows me around everywhere. She also loves watching the TV and chasing shadows.”

If you think you can give any of our cats their happily ever after, please visit or call 020 8962 8000.

Every year our Animal Welfare Officers and Community Vet Clinic respond to hundreds of animals in need and provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in difficult situations, please consider a donation to help them rescue and help more animals like Kimmie. You can make an instant donation by texting “CATS27 £5” or your chosen amount (up to £10), or by donating on our website

Charity Mews: Elderly Cat Finds Purrrfect Home After Waiting 21 Months

Hi everyone,

Today we have a heart breaking story from the Mayhew Animal Home.

Please do share with everyone to highlight the importance of neutering your cat and of course to watch out for poor abandoned and stray cats and kittens at this cold time of the year that might be in need of our support!

Elderly Cat Finds Purrrfect Home After Waiting 21 Months

An elderly rescue cat who waited nearly two years to be adopted has finally found a forever home to spend her twilight years in, thanks to The Mayhew Animal Home.

Beautiful 13-year-old tortoiseshell Rosie first arrived with The Mayhew way back in May 2015 after her previous owner sadly became too ill to care for her.

Heartbreakingly, as the weeks, months and even years began to pass, Rosie continued to patiently wait for someone to give her a last chance at happiness, and The Mayhew’s Cattery Team began to worry if anyone would ever adopt her.

The team suspected that the reason Rosie was taking so long to find a home, was purely down to her age. It can be common for older cats to be overlooked in favour of the younger felines, as unfortunately most people tend to gravitate towards the bouncy, big-eyed kittens.

The Mayhew’s Cat Welfare Coordinator, Georgina Disney, said: “Rosie is a loving, gentle and affectionate girl – she is quite literally one of the sweetest cats we’ve ever had at our Home.”

“We believe that the only reason why it took so long for Rosie to find a home, was because of her age. We introduced her to a few people but no one showed any real interest and our hearts went out to poor Rosie that it was taking so long for someone to adopt her.”

“Sadly we find that older cats like Rosie can take longer to find homes, despite making ideal pets. Adopting a golden oldie can be extremely rewarding; older pets are often more settled in their character, and are calmer, cleaner and much, much less likely to scratch up your best furniture and climb up your favourite curtains. Plus, for the older cats like Rosie, it can sometimes be their last chance to enjoy the warmth, comfort and love of a forever home.”

Finally though, on the 6th February 2017, after spending a whopping 21 months in The Mayhew’s care, Rosie’s dream came true, and she landed herself a loving forever home. Having spent just under two years (that’s roughly seven cat years) waiting, Mayhew staff were over the moon that Rosie had finally found a home.

The Mayhew’s Cat Adoption Officer, Matthew Pearson, said: “We were so happy that someone finally came forward to adopt Rosie, after she waited for so long. She truly deserves a safe and comfortable place to spend her twilight years in.”

“Rosie’s owner is just perfect for her and we know they’re going to be very happy together. We encourage more people to adopt a senior pet like Rosie, as you could be giving them their last chance at happiness.”

Rosie has since settled in to her new home and although it took her a lot longer than most to be adopted – it was truly worth the wait, for both cat and owner.

Rosie’s new owner, Jo Binding, said: “Rosie has settled in very well. She is happy and content and loves coming to wake me up for cuddles in the morning. It’s like she’s always lived here!”

Everyone at The Mayhew couldn’t be happier for Rosie, and are so pleased to see her finally find the home that she truly deserves!

Every year The Mayhew’s Adoption Team rehome hundreds cats and dogs, like Rosie. It costs roughly £1000 to put an animal through their care from rescue to rehoming – please consider a donation to help them continue with their vital work for animals in need of some love. You can make an instant donation by texting “CATS27 £5” or your chosen amount (up to £10) to 70070 or by donating on their website:

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please consider a gorgeous golden oldie. To find out about adopting a cat in The Mayhew’s care, please head to their website or call on 020 8962 8000.

Charity Mews: Kitten Rescued After Being Found Trapped in a Tyre Shop

Hi everyone,

Today we are back with some more insights on the hard work of The Mayhew Animal Home.

Thanks to their efforts many pets were looked after in this cold (and dangerous time for vulnerable animals) of the year.

Kitten Rescued After Being Found Trapped in a Tyre Shop

A six-month-old stray kitten was rescued by The Mayhew Animal Home after she was found trapped in a tyre shop.


The black and white kitten, named Frannie, was discovered hiding in a few of the tyres by the owner of the shop in Brent, after he returned from holiday over Christmas. Poor Frannie was very filthy, completely covered in dirt from where she had been sitting in the tyres and appeared to be weak and fragile.

The shop owner attempted to approach and catch Frannie, however she was so frightened that she kept running away and would not let him get near to her.

Unable to catch Frannie, the owner decided to call The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers for help.


Our Animal Welfare Officer, Alisa Ford, said: “We were so thankful that the owner called us to rescue Frannie. Being found just after the Christmas holidays, we suspected Frannie had snuck in before Christmas and had got accidently shut in over the break. We couldn’t imagine how scared Frannie must have been during her time in there, and it was concerning how long she had gone without food or water.”

“When we arrived to rescue her, Frannie appeared to be very scared of humans, and we were originally under the impression that she was a feral cat. We trapped her and brought her straight back to The Mayhew to be assessed, vaccinated and neutered by our Vet Team. However, as soon as we started her assessments, it became very apparent that Frannie was a domesticated cat. She was ever so friendly, enjoying lots of fuss, strokes and cat treats from the team.”


Our Vet Team gave Frannie a full veterinary assessment, including vaccinations and flea and worming treatments, and a very well deserved bath to clean all the dirt off her fur. Our Cattery team then settled her into a warm and comfortable cat cabin and gave her food and water to help her get her strength back up.

During her assessments our Vet Team discovered that Frannie was not microchipped to anyone, and unfortunately during her stay with us, no one came forward to collect her.

As soon as she was neutered and our Vet Team was satisfied she was in good health, our Cat Adoption Team got to work to find her a home. With her friendly and sweet nature, Frannie found a forever home in no time.


Thanks to The Mayhew and the owner of the tyre shop, Frannie is now able to have a “wheely” good life in the loving home which she so deserves.

Our Animal Welfare Officers rescue hundreds of abandoned, neglected and abused animals every year, respond to animals welfare issues out in the community and provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in difficult situations.

Find out more about their work by visiting, and please consider a donation to help them rescue and help more animals like Frannie. You can make an instant donation by texting “CATS27 £5” or your chosen amount (up to £10) to 70070, or by visiting

Charity Mews: The Mayhew Help 73 Animals from Outreach Projects

Hi everyone,

Today we are back with some more insights on the hard work of The Mayhew Animal Home.

Thanks to their efforts many pets were looked after in this cold (and dangerous time for vulnerable animals) of the year.

The Mayhew Help 73 Animals from Outreach Projects

The Mayhew Help 73 Animals from Outreach Projects

The Mayhew Animal Home recently dedicated time and resources to help 73 dogs and cats from our community outreach projects and welfare cases.

For two weeks, The Mayhew’s Vet Team have been committed to our Animal Welfare Officers’ outreach initiatives by focusing and providing preventative veterinary care to the animals from those projects, including neutering, vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, and microchipping.

Our Animal Welfare Officers and Vet Team helped 73 animals in need including:

  • Three dogs belonging to homeless people
  • Three dogs that have come from illegal breeders – neutered the dogs, which will prevent further sale of puppies to pet shops
  • Three Pick & Snip dog welfare cases – including a dog being used to breed for money
  • 17 Trap, Neuter and Return cases – from three feral colonies
  • 44 Pick & Snip cats – we collected the pets, health checked and neutered them as well as de-fleaing, worming and vaccinating them
  • Three ‘on going vulnerable owner’ welfare cases


Every day our Animal Welfare Officers work in communities across London reaching out to and assisting pet owners, the homeless, the elderly and vulnerable. For those pets that need urgent and routine preventative veterinary care and treatment, they are brought to our on-site Community Vet Clinic where our team of vets and vet nurses are on-hand to treat, neuter and care for them.

For the past two and a half years our Animal Welfare Officers have looked after 90-year-old Valerie’s two cats, Harry and Bobby. Her two cats were suffering from a serious flea anaemia condition which caused baldness and severe discomfort. Eventually Valerie, who is house-bound and disabled, contacted us and our Animal Welfare Officers immediately visited her to offer help and advice. Since then our Officers regularly visit Valerie, pick up her two cats and bring them to our Community Vet Clinic where they are given health checks, worming and de-fleaing and the necessary preventative care to ensure they remain in tip-top health. After treatment they are returned to Valerie on the same day.


The Mayhew also works with several organisations including The Salvation Army and Spitalfields Crypt Trust, which offer support to homeless people in London. Our Officers are on hand to support and provide advice for homeless dog owners including free general health checks, microchipping and delivering the dogs food and coats.

One of the homeless’ dogs we helped during the two weeks is a Staffy dog called Toffee who lives with his owner at a Salvation Army hostel in East London, where our Animal Welfare Officers regularly visit and offer assistance. We brought him into our Vet Clinic for neutering, flea and worming treatment and a health check.

We also neutered a cat that had come into us as a stray and had gone missing for four days, most probably because she was unneutered and looking for a mate. We reunited the cat with her grateful owner and offered to neuter the cat as part of our free Pick & Snip service, which is unique to The Mayhew and we are the only charity to run this service. The project aims to help and encourage people who have been unable to neuter their cat due to cost, disability, apathy or transport availability. As the cat was eight-months-old, the owner incorrectly thought that she was too young to be neutered. Our Animal Welfare Officers advised her that cats can be neutered from four months of age to stop them having litters at such a young age.


Our Officers also run a Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) programme for feral cats in London to help control and contain the cat population. During the fortnight, our Officers brought in 17 feral cats from three colonies to our Vet Clinic for a health check and neutering. Our work to neuter cats that live in feral colonies is vital to stem the numbers of kittens born and adding to the already huge feral population in London. In just seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens, so neutering is essential to ensure that the cat population is proactively controlled. It is also vital that they are neutered and health checked to prevent further breeding and spreading of diseases.

The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Manager, Zoe Edwards, said: “At The Mayhew we strive to tackle the companion animal welfare crisis from every possible angle. That’s why we provide ongoing support to pet owners in difficulty, respond to animal welfare issues out in the community and deliver a range of initiatives including Trap, Neuter, Return and the Pick & Snip schemes. We feel educating the public on animal welfare and the importance of responsible pet ownership is vital to ensuring that animals are not left abandoned or neglected.”

“The Vet Team worked extremely hard to help us make an impact on helping some of the animals from our community projects by neutering and treating them for sickness and injury – we can’t thank them enough for doing such an amazing job.”

Our Head Vet, Dr. Ursula Goetz, added: “Neutering is one of the hallmarks of responsible pet ownership. Neutering also improves your pets’ health by reducing or eliminating risks of certain cancers and other diseases. They are also less likely to develop unwanted behaviours such as roaming, spraying and fighting with other dogs or cats, that’s why it is so important to get your cat or dog neutered.”


“Over those two weeks we were dedicated to our Animal Welfare Officers’ community outreach projects and welfare cases, to help as many animals as possible as quickly as possible. This just goes to show how important the community outreach projects are and how many animals in need we can help and neuter from those projects alone. We treated and helped 73 dogs and cats in those two weeks, which is a great achievement and huge success.”

We are an independent charity that receives no lottery or government funding. We rely entirely on public donations. Our Animal Welfare Officers’ and Vet Team help thousands of animals every year through our community and education projects and initiatives such as Trap, Neuter, Return and Pick & Snip schemes. You could help us do so much more by considering a donation to help them continue with their vital work and help more animals escape a life of neglect, abandonment and cruelty.

For #GivingTuesday this year, you can text to donate to support The Mayhew and all the work that we do, simply text TEXT29 £3, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Alternatively you can make a donation online by visiting our website or calling 020 8206 5870.