Oliver: Even an Oldie Likes Catnip!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Oliver here today. And those of you that have been around since the beginning of Katzenworld probably know that by now I am classified as the older grandpa by the young padawan Mactavish the naughty Peterbald!

Well, I am at least 11 human years old now which makes me 77 in cat years. The humans often get asked when is too old for a cat to enjoy catnip or valerian toys and the answer is NEVER!!!

One of my favourite toys is the Classic Rustling Cushion, not just is it filled with a special blend of catnip called 4catsnip but it also makes fabulous rustling noises while playing with it. 😀

Human… Seriously… give that to me already!

Oh…. the soft fabric…. floral catnip aroma… plllllleeeeaaaase give it to me!

What if I promise that I won’t invade the office space anymore? o.o Will you give it to me???

Oh, this is too much! I want to roll around in this cushion!

Yes!!!! At last!!!! It shall be mine. 😀

This is what I am talking about feline friends! It makes the most amazing rustling noise as you roll yourself all over it. 😀

And best of all… if you have a preference for a different shaped toy the 4cats toys are available in all sizes and shapes. Weither you like to kick, lick or cuddle up with them – there is something for all cats in this range.

Now also available in special Santa Paws Christmas design. 🙂

4cats – Rustling Cushion with Catnip or Valerian

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the ORIGINAL Maker of Mischief

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4 thoughts on “Oliver: Even an Oldie Likes Catnip!

  1. zodiacimmortal says:

    Oh OLLI You are not that old!
    DOG are x7 years I forget how long ago it was but they now say cats are X5 years so you are only b 55 in cat years So you’ve got a lot more life left in you ‘kid’

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