Scottish Government’s Ban on Snares Welcomed by Cats Protection

Cats Protection has welcomed the Scottish Government’s moves to introduce an outright ban on snares as part of the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Scotland Bill.

The UK’s largest cat charity, which has been campaigning for over a decade for a ban, says the measure to outlaw the use of the cruel, outdated traps is a huge step forward for animal welfare.

Cats Protection’s Advocacy & Government Relations Officer for Scotland Alice Palombo said: “Snares are incredibly cruel and inhumane, causing immense suffering to any animal they capture. Many animals die slow, painful deaths after being caught and the ones that do survive may suffer life-changing injuries.

“We’ve heard of horrific cases of pet cats, feral cats and other species suffering unimaginable pain having been trapped in a snare. Regardless of whether they are the target species or any other animal, no animal deserves to suffer the agony of dying trapped in a snare.

“The proposed ban on snares in Scotland is a huge leap forward for animal welfare and will save countless animals from suffering. This ban recognises that humane alternatives to snares are available, and therefore snares have no place in our society.

“Scotland is a nation of animal lovers, and we’d like to thank all those who have supported the campaign for a ban on snares.”

Snares were banned in Wales last month under the Agriculture (Wales) Bill and Cats Protection will continue to campaign for the rest of the UK to follow suit.

To find out more about Cats Protection’s campaign for a ban on snares and similar devices, please visit

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