Pets Boost Remote Workers’ Mental and Physical Health: Survey Reveals Benefits and Impact

  • 64% of remote workers say pets get them to go outdoors at least once during the working day

Image: A woman working at a laptop with a dog in her lap (Shutterstock)

Data reveals pets have a significantly positive impact on remote and hybrid workers’ mental and physical health, with roughly 91% saying that caring for pets has improved their remote working experience.

New survey results show the benefits pets offer for home-workers are irreplaceable: two-thirds (65%) of respondents say they wouldn’t even consider a new role that didn’t offer a hybrid or remote working option!

TrustedHousesitters, a pet-sitting platform that offers unique homestays in exchange for caring for pets, conducted a comprehensive survey of over 2,000 users to learn more about pets’ role in the remote working experience. The survey reveals that pets positively impact remote workers, particularly in three key areas: work-related stress, work-life balance, and healthy habits.

A huge 9 out of 10 respondents (91%) agree that working in the company of animals reduces feelings of work-related stress, while half (50%) say pets reduce feelings of loneliness while working remotely. With over half (58%) of all UK workers reporting feelings of loneliness at work, it’s clear pets are helping solve the issue.

The survey uncovered the unique ways pets can encourage workers to maintain healthy behaviours and habits while working alone. Daily routines are a must when working remotely, and 44% say pets benefit their remote working experience by encouraging them to stick to a routine. Additionally, two-thirds (66%) say working alongside pets helps their mental health by getting them outdoors at least once during the workday – a great way for remote workers to refresh their minds, boost creativity and reduce stress and anxiety.

Pets also drastically improve work-life balance, especially when looking at those who choose to travel and pet-sit while working. Nearly half (49%) of respondents highlighted that pets improve their work experience by encouraging them to take much-needed breaks from their screens. For those who pet sit while travelling and remote working, nearly all (98%) said pet-sitting with TrustedHousesitters has improved their lifestyle, with a further three-quarters (74%) saying the opportunity to visit new places they wouldn’t usually get to see is the greatest benefit of pet-sitting while remote working.

Angela Laws, Head of Community at TrustedHousesitters, commented on the findings:

“This research proves that when it comes to improving the mental health of remote workers, pets are the perfect partners . They provide companionship and help facilitate a much-needed balance between virtual work and life.

“The impact pets have on the home working experience helps explain why remote workers and digital nomads continue to be so active on TrustedHousesitters, with over half – or 54% – of remote and hybrid respondents saying they pet-sit at least once a month or more. If you’ve got a case of remote working blues, pet-sitting makes for the perfect cure.”

Visit TrustedHousesitters for a full breakdown of the survey.

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