Cat Named Mr Pricklepants Awaits Adoption at RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre

Cat with unusual moniker waiting patiently to be adopted

A loveable cat called Mr Pricklepants – who was rescued alongside 40 cats and the only one yet to be adopted by a new family – has had no interest from potential adopters, despite his memorable name.

Mr Pricklepants is currently at the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre, where he is patiently waiting for someone to take him home.

He was among 40 cats who were rescued from a house last year, all suffering from cat flu and severely underweight. And while the other cats have all found new homes, Mr Pricklepants is still waiting.

His unusual moniker comes from the character Mr Pricklepants, who appeared in the Disney Pixar film Toy Story 3. Emma Finnimore, cattery supervisor at the centre said: “When all the cats arrived, we had so many to name that we decided to go with a Disney theme – which is why he has such a memorable name.

“However, despite this, he’s getting no interest and it is so sad because we just want to see him go into a new home with a loving family. He’s the last one of the 40 waiting for his happy ending.

“He is quite shy but that is only usually to begin with when he first meets you. Once you give him a treat though, he will be your best friend for life.”

Emma added that Mr Pricklepants is “very calm and well natured”.

“He is definitely coming out of his shell,” she said.

“We are appealing for people looking to take on a new cat in their home to consider Mr Pricklepants, he has so much love to give.”

He will need a quiet, adult-only home with an owner that has the time and patience to help him settle in slowly. He will also need a spare room initially with plenty of hiding spaces available to him until he feels confident enough to start exploring the home more.

If you are interested in offering Mr Pricklepants, email

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