The Crazy Cat Lady’s Colouring Book for Adults: A Whimsical and Therapeutic Experience

A little snark, a lot of love, plus a dash of fun, these are the ingredients for yet another book in The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book Series. Unlike the clowder or word games an puzzles from the other titles, The Crazy Cat Lady’s Coloring Book for Adults is all about creativity and smiles.

A cats purr has actual therapeutic benefits. Apparently Fluffy’s pur-range of 20-140 Hz is purr-fect for relaxation and healing. Combined with the hiss-torically documented stress relief of colouring and BAM(!), Crazy Cat Lady’s may be at risk of becoming so chilled out that they become CAT-atonic. (Sorry, we could not resist.) Seriously, the creative process can induce a meditative state. There is nothing ‘crazy’ about that.

The Crazy Cat Lady’s Coloring Book for Adults published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

The Crazy Cat Lady’s Coloring Book is all about variety with detailed colouring pages, simplistic designs, quotes, whimsy, even some cattiness. Like a house full of moggies there is something for everyone. Get this whimsical colouring book for yourself or for the upcoming holiday season. It makes a paw-some gift!


The Crazy Cat Lady’s Coloring Book for Adults can be ordered from you favorite bookstore:

ISBN: 978-1957532257

Publisher: Soggy Nomad Press

Author: Nola Lee Kelsey

Or, order copies from Amazon:

Amazon UK:

Amazon USA:

The entire Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book Series:


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