Oldest Cats in RSPCA Care: Ginger and Mollie Seek Loving, Quiet Homes

Ginger and Mollie are currently two of the oldest cats in RSPCA care

An RSPCA rehoming centre in Salford is putting out a special appeal for two mature moggies who have both come into rescue at the grand old age of 19.

The charity’s Manchester and Salford Branch took in the elderly felines last month after their previous owner sadly became too unwell to care for them.

Long-haired Ginger, and black and white Mollie – who is believed to be almost, if not completely, deaf – are thought to be two of the oldest cats being looked after by the RSPCA’s network of branches and centres in England and Wales.

Both cats, who are each the equivalent of 92-years-old in human years, have had full veterinary check ups and despite their advancing years are said to be agile and in good health.

Despite having apparently lived together for sometime, the RSPCA branch is looking for separate homes for the cats in their twilight years after it became clear that Mollie, the more reserved of the pair, had probably been competing with Ginger for attention and food – and missing out.

The effect on Mollie since she’s been looked after on her own has been immediate and positive. Whereas she used to sleep all day and hide away avoiding social interaction, she’s now blossomed into a friendly, good natured and very affectionate cat who loves to be stroked and fussed over.

She has also begun to show a real interest in food and is now a healthy weight.

Describing the golden oldies, who are both in the care of fosterers, branch manager Susie Hughes said: “Ginger has been around the block enough times to know exactly what she wants. Her daily mission is to get as close to people as often as she can, and she’s a fantastic organiser of human time, telling her foster carer exactly what she needs.

“She’s a super confident cat who loves being the centre of attention and would spend all day on someone’s lap if she could. She’ll need an adopter who is as equally confident as she is though because Ginger will tell them off with a little hiss or a quick swipe of her paw if you try and get up from your chair before she wants you to!

“Mollie frequently naps during the day and appears to be almost, if not completely, deaf. Whilst this doesn’t appear to have affected her adversely in terms of confidence, it does mean her meows can sometimes be rather loud.

“It also means she’ll have to be an indoor cat, unless a catio (enclosed outdoor patio for cats) is available, as it wouldn’t be safe for her to go outside. She’s very fond of a window ledge to sit on and watch the world go by, so that’s definitely top of the list in her potential new home.

“We’d urge people to look beyond these cats’ ages as age is really just a number and rehoming an older pet can be incredibly rewarding. You’re giving them the best possible life in their twilight years and we always do our utmost to ensure a happy ending for every animal that comes into our care, young or old.”

Both Ginger and Mollie are looking for quiet, adult-only homes without other pets.If you would like to know more about them or express an interest in adoption, please email adoptions@rspca-manchesterandsalford.org.uk or visit the branch’s website where you will also be able to see all the other animals looking for new homes at the centre.

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