Magical Cat Toys from Japan: Discover the Enchantment of Silvervine

Hello everyone,

This is Freya speaking, and I am delighted to inform you that our humans have recently received a delightful shipment of magical cat toys all the way from Japan. These toys come in a variety of shapes, from fishies to beer bottles, breads, baguettes, sweet potatoes, and even ice cream! To check out the entire range, simply click here.

And here’s an extra something to make you smile – for a limited time, we are offering a 12% discount on all items in our Blog Shop! Just use the code “Oliver” (without the “) during checkout. Happy shopping! Rennie: Oh, imagine the enchantment of encountering this extraordinary creature, the magical fish! Its origins rooted in the mystical land of Japan, this wondrous being captivates hearts and minds alike. But what sets it apart, you may ask? It is brimming with the ethereal essence of a rare and irresistible plant called Silvervine, known for its captivating effect on us feline friends. Indulge your beloved companion with the sheer delight of silvervine cat toys, and witness the extraordinary joy it brings to our lives. Embrace the magic, dear friend, and unveil a world of pure enchantment for your beloved furry companion.

Rennie: Oh, look at me, having a grand old time kicking, biting, and even licking this toy! It’s a riot, really! 🙂 Freya: Oh, Rennie! What do you have there? And why on earth didn’t you invite me to this… Rennie: Me? Nothing… there is nothing here at all! Freya: It’s sticking out under your fat belly… -_-

Freya: Give it to me! Rennie: Nope! Human, can you take her away, please?

Freya: I got the fishy at last! 😀 And it smells so nice… Rennie: Watch me… I will have it back!

Rennie: And it’s my turn again! To love and cuddle the fish. <3

Freya: Not so fast! I still have lots of energy to play with the fishy! Rennie: Fine… you can have it for a while. I am exhausted now. Rennie & Freya: *Drooling* Ohhhh absolutely shattered now… Oliver: Just what I have been waiting for… now that the naughties are spaced out… it’s time for me the grandets of all cats to come in! Freya: Did I just here Oliver? I must be dreaming… he wouldn’t dare to steal our toys! Rennie: No you didn’t…. look! He is here! Freya: Oh noes! Will you stop him for us? Rennie: I can’t move my paws… I am far too sleepy now. XD

Oliver: The purrfect opportunity for me to have some fun with the toys. 😀 And this silvervine is definitely stronger than expected… they are so spaced out that they simply don’t care that I am having fun! Freya: Right… before I fall asleep I guess we better tell your humans where they can get these lovely fishes! Our humans brought back a whole stack of them from Japan and you can get them in various colours in our online shop. They also come in other fun shapes such as sweet potatotoes, Japanese cat bread, baguettes, beer bottles and even cat safe ice cream cones! And if your humans are looking for a cheaper option check out the Owl & Pussycat silvervine toys! Renegade: Have fun fellow felines! 😀 Signed by, His Meowjesty Prince Renegade the Flash & Her Meowjesty Queen Freya the Snow Leopard & His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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