The Benefits of Singing to Your Pets: Which Music Genres Do They Enjoy?

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We all love a good sing-song, whether it’s belting out one of Beyonce’s hits, or rocking to AC/DC, there’s something about it that can instantly put you in a good mood – and often, our pets make the perfect audience.

A recent survey by Animal Friends Pet Insurance revealed that 28% of pet owners sing to their pets, with dog owners being more likely to do so than those with cats (1).

Having your pets as your musical audience is a great idea, as not only can it have positive effects on your own well-being (2), previous research has shown that music can help lower dogs’ stress levels too (3).

The survey also revealed that some of the more common songs being sung to pets include You Are My Sunshine, The Kaiser Chiefs’ Ruby (replacing Ruby with their pet’s name) and Soft Kitty from The Big Bang Theory.

But which songs do our pets enjoy the most? Catrin George, Animal Wellbeing Specialist at Animal Friends Pet Insurance shares her thoughts:

“Research has shown that dogs in particular respond well to Classical, Soft Rock and Reggae music, with these genres having a calming effect and reducing stress levels (4). If you anticipate a stressful situation for your dog in the near future, such as fireworks, playing music within these genres can help ease the tension your pet is feeling and create a more relaxing atmosphere.

“If you’re someone that loves to sing around the house, you could try to bop along to some Reggae or Soft Rock songs, such as Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, or Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Singing can be a great bonding experience between a pet and an owner, especially in the early stages of the relationship as the pet is settling into their new home and getting comfortable with their new parents’ voice.

“There are already many playlists on Spotify created purely to help pets relax, but if you’re struggling to find the perfect one, why not compile all your favourite Reggae and Soft Rock songs together so you’re easily able to have a fur-friendly sing-along.”

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Singing to Your Pets: Which Music Genres Do They Enjoy?

  1. Simon Banks says:

    My tortie Suzy was deeply interested in Elgar’s Enigma Variations when she heard it playing. This piece of music has intrigued and puzzled people for a hundred years. She’s solved the enigma. It’s cat music.

  2. KDKH says:

    My Bengal cat clearly enjoys slack-key guitar (Hawaiian) and our Amazon parrot prefers country music. ??‍♀️whatever they like is fine with me!

  3. chrisscatmeow says:

    I sing to Spike Thomas o Malley putting his name in and a favourite as mentioned you are my sunshine. Now he’s 16 I sing Bright Eyes but makes me sad so maybe not a good idea.xx??‍⬛?‍⬛

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