Adopting Figgy: The Heartwarming Story of a Stray Cat’s Journey to Happiness

The following story has been submitted by Mimi H. via email.

This is Figgy. Our ‘outside’ stray cat we’ve sort of adopted. She got her name as I saw her first crawling out from under a protected fig tree one spring. Picture a burlap and tarp covered fig tree, our winters here in Pennsylvania can get very cold. So it was a good place for her to hide, and sleep.

She has a clipped ear, which is a sign that’s she’s been spayed and seen by a vet, but then released in the neighborhood she was found in. When she first came around she was very skinny and scared of everything and everyone. Very sad. But we won her over slowly but surely by feeding her and not trying to catch her. She’s very wild and doesn’t enjoy coming in the house very much. She loves being free. She has 3 different cat houses around our house, and seems very happy and healthy.

She’s a love and let’s us pick her up and give her attention now

Hoping some day she’ll want to retire to inside the house. But she still seems to love her freedom.

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