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Discover the Extra Wide Bowls by Necoichi for Cats – Prevent Whiskers Fatigue and Cater to Older Feline Friends

Introducing Necoichi's fantastic raised food bowls, loved by the naughty Peterbald and his adorable siblings. [...]

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The “Naughties” Trialling the new Tippaws Cat Food

Hi everyone, It’s me Renegade here today and me, Freya and Mactavish (aka the Naughties!) [...]

Mactavish: Celebrate the New Year With the 4cats Fortune Cookie Cat Toy

Hi everyone, And with new year just on the horizon I thought it would be [...]

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Mactavish: My Recent Trip to the Vet

Hi everyone, A little update from me today. Last week I had to head off [...]

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Mactavish: Is it a Melon? No it’s a Fortune Cookie Cat Toy!

Hi everyone, It’s me Mactavish here today and I got my paws on some brand [...]


Mactavish: My Trip to the Vet in the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Hi everyone, It’s me little (well not so little anymore) Mactavish here again with a [...]

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Mactavish: Hide & Seek in our Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Hi everyone, Today it’s me little Mactavish and I decided to play a round of [...]

Mactavish: Fun with the Rustling Cushion!

Hi everyone, It’s me Mactavish here today! And it’s my first ever playtime with the [...]


Arrival of Mactavish the Peterbald

Hi everyone, We have some exciting news for you! As of this month we have [...]