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Healthy & Nutritious Cat Food & Eco Clumping Cat Litter

Whether it’s a healthy and nutritious diet, the highest-quality litter, insights on how a cat can live its best life or a desire to pay forward to those less fortunate feline friends, new cat care company Tippaws has launched to help the nation’s 11million cats purr.

A small, independently owned UK business, Tippaws launch range includes healthy and nutritious cat food and long-lasting clumping litter made from plant fibres.

Developed with feline nutritionists and made in the UK, Tippaws’ dry cat food range is naturally hypoallergenic and is made from 70% real meat and fish, with added prebiotics to support a cat’s gut health. Available at launch in four dry food recipes to cater for kittens, adult and neutered cats, using popular ingredients such as a chicken and salmon, Tippaws emerged as the winning formula to please feline tastebuds when trialled against other leading dry food in multiple taste tests. In fact, taste tests have shown that cats love Tippaws food so much they’re always on their tippy-paws to get it!

For sustainably conscious cat owners sick of regular tray changes and litter trails scattered throughout the home, Tippaws Long-lasting Clumping Litter offers practical solutions for one of the less desirable aspects of living with cats. A patented antibacterial formula made from plant fibres that are by-products, compostable, biodegradable and FSC certified, Tippaws cat litter is designed for convenience. With superior odour control and flushable, Tippaws litter is tight clumping and three times more absorbent than clay litter. Also, low-tracking – a minimal 0.5% Tippaws litter will stick to a cat’s paws after use, reducing mess around a cat’s litter tray and the wider home. Each 6L bag is easy to carry and store at three times lighter than clay litter and it will last one cat 45 days. Further reducing a cat’s carbon pawprint, a Tippaws litter scoop, made from recycled ocean plastic, is also available in the online store.

Recognising that not all cats have regular access to food and or care, Tippaws also launches with a purpose-led mission to help make all cats purrs in the UK. For every order of 5kg of dry food or two bags of Litter or more, Tippaws will donate 50p to their first of many small charity partners Stray Cat Rescue. So, every time a cat tucks into their Tippaws’ meals, pet owners know it’s helping those feline friends, who don’t yet have a loving home to call their own. This is the first step in Tippaws long-term ambition to create a foundation that will fund multiple charities.

Tippaws is founded by cat mum Rachel Andre and is inspired by her two British Shorthair cats, Gus and Maisie, who both had different requirements from their daily meals. For Gus, it was his sensitive stomach and the need for dry food to help clean his teeth due to his face shape, whereas Maisie was extremely fussy on taste. Having had cats all her life, Rachel realised that every cat is completely different, both physiologically and mentally – and noticed that that every time her or her friends got a new cat, they were essentially starting from scratch – their likes and dislikes, their interests, their mood – everything was different. Having worked in the pet care industry and spending years researching cats, Rachel furthered her cat knowledge by completing an Animal Behaviour certificate at Oxford University before embarking on her Tippaws journey.

Through Tippaws, Rachel intends to give cat owners the comfort of knowing the research on the best food recipes and best litter composition has been done for them, while providing a forum for cat owners to learn, chat and share knowledge on how to be the best purr-inducing cat owners they can.

Tippaws Dry Cat Food is priced from £5 for a 300g sample pack, with Tippaws’ Long-lasting Clumping Litter priced £13.99 for a 6L bag. Cat parents can also opt for the Purrfect Essentials Kit for a new cat or kitten, which includes a 1.5kg bag of any recipe food, a bag of litter and the litter scooper for £29.99. Tippaws products are available exclusively at tippaws.com as a one-off purchase or on a subscription basis, with the option of cancelling a subscription at any time.

Make your cat purr at tippaws.com and follow @wearetippaws on social.

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