Guest Star Cat: Frankie

The following guest story was submitted by Dale:

Once upon a time, there were 3 little kittens. Born outside behind an abandoned house, Momma Cat disappeared when they were 2 weeks old. When we saw them they were hungry and screaming those piercing baby kitten cries. We couldn’t leave them out there so they joined our 5 adult female cats and 2 dogs.

Our vets were amazingly helpful, giving us advice and encouragement. I kept meticulous records of who ate how much, who pooped and peed and the developmental milestones reached. Weekly weigh-ins at the vet’s office brought all work there to a halt as 3 babies tumbled out of their carrier to sit in the postal scale one by one.

Frankie was the lone male and was a difficult feed. He would get so excited at feeding time that he couldn’t latch onto the bottle. If I had help at feeding time, I asked the helper to feed the girls while I worked with him. If I had no help, I’d feed the girls first so I could take my time with Frankie.

My adult cats wanted nothing to do with the babies. My 75 pound male, Akita/Shepherd mix dog became Frankie’s pal, napping together was a favourite activity. I really think Frankie thought he was a dog!

Frankie went on to live a long and happy life with me. He was a great traveler in the car and adapted well to numerous moves over the 19 years I had him. He loved people and would happily greet any visitors. He maintained his love of dogs through his life and learned to live with other cats.

Sadly, we lost him almost 12 months ago to a fast growing abdominal tumor. There will never be another cat like him and I still miss him every day.

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