Feral Cat Turning Domestic – Story of Julio by Rehana P.


Feral Cat Turning Domestic – Story of Julio by Rehana P.

There was a stray cat without a name who lived in Richmond, Virginia. He had to find his own food every single day. He would peak at people’s yards or porches to see if there is any food around. He hunted for squirrels and birds. He found hiding places to keep himself warm and safe.

One day he came on a porch and saw a couple of cats watching him from inside the house. He was curious. He came back another day, and then another day. He often came back to visit the cats from behind the flower pots. One of the cats was always upset seeing him on the porch.


Then he met the cats’ daddy on the porch one day. He was afraid and did not come near him. As days passed, he saw the daddy starting to put food on the porch and was nice to him. First he was not ready to trust this human. He went on the porch and ate. Then he would leave quickly. It took some time but he started to feel safe around the cat daddy. He even let him pet his head. Soon after that, he met the cat mommy who seemed so happy and excited to see him. She tried to hold him and give him kisses. But he was not ready for that yet. He was feeling better when they were around, as long as they do not try to grab him.

As the season turned, it started to get cooler outside. By this time, he was comfortable to be around the cat daddy. He heard the daddy call him Julio. He liked that name. He knew he was now loved. The daddy and mommy tried to catch him one night into a cage with food in it. Julio got scared and banged himself to the cage and busted out. But he came back the next day as he knew the nice people for months and did not lose his trust. Also, he was very hungry!

A few days later, Julio walked into the apartment through the front door that was kept open. He went in and ate the bowl of food but did not want to stay there. Next day he came in again. But this time the door was closed behind him. He realized he was now inside here and cannot come out. It was too cold out anyway. So, he started to explore and started liking it there.


As there were three other cats in the house, he was taken to the bathroom with food, liter, and a fresh new bed. It was scary at first and he was not sure if these people are as nice as he was thinking. But they kept coming in and spending a little time with him often. Julio quickly got used to the bathroom and got himself into the sink to take rest. Even if he cried a little once in a while, he was happy to be out of that brutal cold! He started to warm up to his new mommy and daddy.



There came a morning they took him to the vet and got him checked out. They got him medicine to help him be free of those fleas and worms. He also got spayed and neutered. The first vet visit went well and those worms were out of Julio’s system with the first treatment. He felt better and leaner by the end of that week. A surprise shift was awaiting Julio when he got home from the vet. He was now in the big bedroom, instead of the bathroom! There was a large window with shades up half way to see nature out the window. Below the window inside the room, there was a small garden of 10/15 plants in pots. Julio felt at home there. It reminded him of the outdoor bushes he was so used to being around! It took a couple of weeks before he jumped up on the bed and came close to mommy to sleep next to her head in bed. Mommy and daddy were very excited to see Julio’s progress. Most of all, Julio was happy to be an indoor cat living with his very own mommy and daddy!!!!


Julio was so happy being indoor that he did not even try to leave once! He found comfortable places to take naps and enjoyed every bed and blanket he found.




Julio’s human daddy played music and it made him very happy. He enjoyed sitting close and cleaning himself while listening to the music.


Months went by quickly in love and in comfort without worrying about finding food and shelter. Julio found his forever home with his humans. He also found one close buddy named Kuro to play and wrestle with.




The orange cat named Liono who used to be upset to see him outside on the porch also became friends. They often share the same bed to rest by the window to catch some sunbeam.

The only girl cat named Izma was not close in the beginning. As time passed, she also felt secure from a distance. Julio lived happily with his family ever after!



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