To Hoot a Holler – An Owl and the Pussycat Poem

” This glorious full moon lights up these skies
And I must hoot a holler to my kin
For howling dogs have raised a hellish din
Against a fuzzy friend with glowing eyes.

I know we all can solve this! We’re the wise.
I’ll summon all my nest mates. Glide on in!
I need swift counsel! Can we all begin
To summon all the elves? Curs terrorize

My darling dazzling furry feline friend,
So elegant and graceful. This must end!
Perhaps they can this dismal conflict rend
Or grant us aid: whatever they intend !”

And now you know just how it came about:
Just how the elves were called. Strange couple? No.
They made a purrfect family, although
It took a miracle: for elves to scout

The earth for emerald coracles and then
A magic cruise to make it come to pass
That they were one: this gorgeous lad and lass:
Their marriage Aslan blessed with roared Amen !

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