Our visit to the Little Lions cat cafe in NYC Part 3

Hi everyone,

Today we are back for the final part of our visit to the cat cafe Little Lions in NYC. Should you have missed Part 1 or Part 2 don’t forget to check them out.


This time around we brought along some of the amazing 4cats cuddly cushions with valerian filling. 🙂

All the cats went absolutely mad over the little cushion but the white “cow cat” was the first to put her slobber all over the cushion. 😀 The good thing about valerian is that while it has similar effects to catnip it’ll also help by calming down the cats after the initial effect has worn off.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with valerian, you may wish to check out our valerian guide.

Of course, the cats weren’t quite in agreement over who would get playtime with our cushion… we should have brought a whole truckload! 😉

After the white cat it was time for Mr Tabby to have a go at the toys! Though as you can see someone tried to get it back of him hehe. 😉

I always find it amazing how relaxed cats get with these and it’s a lot of fun to watch them unwind from what must be a stressful environment for some cats.

Our third volunteer for the toys was…

… the black and white tuxedo! 😀 He was definitely more of a licker hehe. Oh and don’t worry about the cage, we enquired about this as well and they don’t normally use this but it’s there in case a cat has to be removed from the cat cafe and taken to the back area that’s not open to the public.


After that I tried to give the cushion to this little fella but despite being interested in the smell I don’t think he was in keen on getting in contact with the slobber of all of his friends… Yes that’s why I was holding it on the edge of the cushion – totally drenched. LOL

We hope you enjoyed our look at this cat cafe! And we are just as sad that it is now closed. 🙁



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