Mactavish: Sunshine Fun With the 4cats Fortune Cookie Cat Toy!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Mactavish here today and I got my paws on some brand new toys from 4cats! These are their fortune cookie cat toy which are not just great for us felines but come with words of wisdom by us cats for our human companions.

But let’s start with how I had my first encounter with them. 😀

It was a rather sunny afternoon day and as I was mooching about our patio slightly bored as none of the birds wanted to come and play with me I spotted three colourful things on the patio which I didn’t notice when I first came out! So of course I had to go and investigate! Who could resist such colourful presents…

Smells nice! But what does it say on that little strip? I can’t read human jibberish! Human! Translate for me! 😮

Oh god… so much choice… Now do I want the melon looking one… or the sweet blue one! And hmmmm the three do smell different, because my humans gave me some with Valerian and some with Catnip! If you don’t know what Valerian is go checkout this post by humans.

Now the melone fortune cookie is most definitely my favourite! But how do I make sure that my siblings don’t steal it off me??? Oh I know…

I shall just carry it my lair! After all there are two more that the others can fight over. And meanwhile I can enjoy playing with this in my own secret hiding place. : D

If you too would like your felines to enjoy some of these cute fortune cookies you can get them in our own online shop here.

Signed by,

His Meowjesty Mactavish the Fortune Cat

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