Omlet Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree – Review

Good evening everyone Spoilt Nova and Lady Luna here, back again with another product review, this time for the Omlet Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree. Living together as the older brother, Nova, and the annoying little sister, Luna, having plenty of options for places to sleep and play is always a positive, so we’ve been after one of these for a while now. Finally, we’ve got our very own castle, I mean tower. We’ve had it installed for a few days now and there is so much to talk about, I think we better start from the beginning but that involves human decisions so I’ll let my Dad take over for a bit.

First things first, the tower is completely customisable which means you can tailor this exactly to your space and to your cats needs. You can choose the number of poles you want, as well as the height (to work for any space), and mix and match the accessories to whatever you want. There’s a great selection of platforms, steps, beds, scratchers, even food and treat bowls for those special meals. All the platforms can be ordered plain, or with various coloured cushions, and the bridges and ramps can even be ordered with scratcher surfaces for that extra bit of stimulation. The options available here really are amazing, and means that you should be able to find something to fit your style. Another great thing that we noticed about the cushions is that the covers are washable so that should make cleaning up any accidents or messes a breeze.

Once you’ve decided what accessories you want to add, the interactive configurator allows you to freely move each of them around individually to really get an idea of how it will all fit together and design a tree that really works for you and your kitties. Nova is 6 years old and is a strong advocate for energy conservation and has never been much of a jumper, so we added a few additional little steps to make sure he could move around the tower freely. The best tip we can give here is to really think about how your kitties will access each area of the cat tree, ensuring they have plenty of steps and platforms to really take advantage of the space that this tower can offer. On the other hand, don’t worry if you can’t quite work out exactly where everything needs to go here. Each of the accessories comes separately from the poles and moves up, down, and around the poles freely so you can change this once you receive your order (a point that came in handy once our order arrived since we forgot to take our Litter Robot into account). This is what we came up with;

Some of the items in our order said they were currently out of stock, but as the website showed they would be shipped within 5-6 weeks, we decided it was worth the wait to really get everything we wanted so Nova and Luna could really enjoy the tower. We placed our order, and sat back patiently waiting for it to arrive. To our surprise, it arrived a few days earlier than expected, and I think the delivery driver was thankful that we were in to receive the order to clear out some space in his van. Each of the pieces we had ordered arrived separately packaged which made it easy to check we had received everything, but we couldn’t help thinking that it may have been better to group similar items together to save on some packaging. On the other hand, each of the packages contained exactly what you needed for each item, including the correct amount of fixings and an instruction manual which can make it easy to open one accessory at a time to add to the poles.

Unfortunately, that isn’t really our style, we prefer to get everything out of the boxes and group items together, so that’s exactly what we did before starting to install the poles.

The poles come in multiple sections that fit together very easily, but also very precisely which gave us confidence in the strength of the poles once put together. The instructions were also very easy to follow, clearly identifying which pieces to fit together next, and even explaining when to tighten any fixings. Once we had built and secured the poles to the ceiling and the floor, they felt very strong and sturdy. Next it was time to begin to install each of the accessories, although Nova had already chosen which den was his.

Once again, the instructions were very clear and concise and made them very easy to put together and install. I won’t bore you with all the details of installing each accessory, but as I mentioned earlier we forgot to take into account our Litter Robot when designing the tower, so we had to make some adjustments to where the accessories were placed. But, as each of them acts as a clamp around the pole, it was easy enough to loosen some of the bolts, move them around into position, and re-tighten. After a few hours, the tower was finally complete and it was time for a test run.

Nova here again, this is my favourite bit. I’d been patiently waiting all day for the humans to finish so I could take a test nap in each of my new beds, but there was one den I particularly had my eyes on. I was a little scared of the tower at first, this is tallest one I’ve ever had, so my Dad had to pick me up and put me onto the bridge, but after a few minutes of finding my feet, I started to climb the levels up to my den. The humans did a good job of placing all of the steps so that I could easily move up the different levels and finally found my first bed to try. It’s at this point that my memory goes a little fuzzy, Dad says I dozed off for a bit but all I remember is putting my head down to test how soft the cushion was and the next thing I know, it’s dark outside.

Whilst Nova was taking a nap in what is fast becoming his new favourite sleeping spot in the whole house, we placed Luna onto the tower, and after a bit of thought and some tentative steps, she eventually made her way up to the hammock at the top of the tree and settled in for a nap of her own. Over the past few days, they have both become more adventurous, moving around the tree very easily and taking advantage of all of the different beds and scratchers, and this is the fastest they have ever taken to a new cat tree.

Overall, the kitties appear to be very happy with the new addition to the house and we are sure they will have many more happy times and memories moving around the various platforms on offer to them. Although this is the biggest cat tree we have ever owned, the room feels much more spacious, and the tree looks and feels very strong and sturdy. Thank you vey much to Omlet for the amazing cat tree, our kitties are so happy we can’t actually put it into words.

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