Purrsday Poetry: For George

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in our Purrsday Poetry series by By Susan Davies:


He was an ordinary, two a penny, black and white cat,

The sort that you see everywhere, a standard ‘Postman Pat’,

I got him from a rescue place, one April afternoon,

And then I brought him home, where he inspected every room.


A ‘Welcome’ tin of tuna was devoured, the dish licked clean,

Then he curled up on my lap, like it was where he’d always been,

And that was that, I was complete, my house was now a home,

And for ten more years we shared our lives, no longer all alone.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, we had our ups and downs,

Those night time gifts of mice and moths I could have done without,

And relations with the neighbours were strained a little too,

Since he thought their showpiece garden, was his own private loo.


But he was such a lovely cat, my gentle purring man,

How could I not have loved him, how could I not succumb,

Then yesterday I lost him, the grief is hard to bear,

PTS at home with me, on his favourite chair.


It cost a little extra to have the vet come out,

But it saved him from a journey to the practice down in town,

Was it too soon? Not soon enough? It’s very hard to know,

But when he didn’t eat that tuna, I knew to let him go.


I held his little body close until the deed was done,

And the vet said to be gently “It’s over now, he’s gone”,

I laid him in the garden, dug a great big yawning hole,

Then placed his tiny lifeless body, at the bottom with my soul.


“You always knew this day would come, it shouldn’t be a shock”,

I told myself whilst shovelling wet soil on top of rocks,

But oh my heart is breaking, my domestic short-haired Tom,

You cocky, streetwise fighter, I can’t believe you’re gone.


They say that time will heal all things, I think that’s probably true,

And I will find another cat to love, just like I did with you,

May be a little tortie girl, or a stripy ginger man,

A tabby, or a long-haired cat, perhaps a Turkish Van.


But whichever furry feline comes to share my life and home,

And gives me cause to smile again, with antics yet unknown,

My heart will always keep a special place, and that’s a certain fact,

For that ordinary, two a penny, black and white cat.

By Susan Davies.

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8 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: For George

  1. bennyanddrago says:

    Just beautiful- two lines will stay with me-

    “I laid him in the garden, dug a great big yawning hole,
    Then placed his tiny lifeless body, at the bottom with my soul.”

    I’ve been there and this is a masterpiece of respect, appreciation and tribute.

  2. kiangablog says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your humble moggie. I feel your pain and love for him at the same time. I have a 16 year-old black and white cat called Rambo who we rescued as a kitten who brings me much joy even when he is naughty. Around the same time another stray, a long-haired grey cat decided to move in, and from a smelly, thin street urchin Friskie became a mate for Rambo and us. We sadly lost Friskie about three years ago and we still miss him. I wrote a story about his life and his transition from city cat to a very adventurous country cat. Maybe , I will share it one day. Thank you so much for your heart-felt words, many of us can relate to them.

  3. Mary McNeil says:

    We just lost our big tuxie Banshee. We don’t want another cat. We want HIM back safe and sound. Purrs to you as you mourn George.

  4. JMR-ART says:

    Lost my sweet ‘Miss Croquette’ a few weeks ago, kind of a similar story, some kind of cancer, she was a very gentle cat rescued from a cat care center, more than 3 years before I had to let her go, still miss her

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