Guest Star Cat: Ginger

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from Terri about Ginger the cat!

My story begins in the summer of 2019. My neighbor came home with a cat. She works as a real estate agent and had bought the house to flip it. It was in very bad condition and they were not living there at the time.

She dropped this orange scared cat off at her house and never comes back to feed her. Luckily for the cat, I had been feeding numerous left behind cats. She is very timid and waits till all the other cats eat and then scrounges for leftovers.

About 6 months later I noticed that she wasn’t eating at all and had puss dripping from her mouth. After seeing that I purchased baby food to feed her, she was so skinny she could hardly stand up. I told my neighbor that the cat had a tooth problem and can’t eat, her comment was that the cat would not let her pet it, she runs from me, so I’m not taking care of her. She also said they were moving to the east coast and weren’t not taking the cat.

I asked the neighbor where she got the cat from. She said from a ranch that the lady had died and she was the agent that was having the place cleaned up. The lady was an animal hoarder so you can imagine the conditions she was having to live in! So this poor orange tabby cat was taken from filthy hoarding conditions and dumped at a new place.

I befriended her and took her to my vet to get all the shots, wormed, antibiotic shot, and blood work to see if she could make it through the dental surgery.

We were told by the vet that she was about 16 years old and never had any care. She now has a forever retirement home with us.

I bought a large cat cage to introduce her to the inside of the house and how to use a cat box.

Now she doesn’t want to leave the inside of the house and is playing like a kitten with cat toys.

I just don’t understand how people can be so heartless to animals that depend on them just to be discarded like trash and left behind.

We are in the process of adopting another feral left behind cat, the name we gave him is Heartly because he has a heart-shaped marking on his chest.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Star Cat: Ginger

  1. franhunne4u says:

    I can grudgingly undertand (not accept!) pets left behind because people had to move out and did not find new pet friendly accomodations. Of course leaving behind is still wrong, you should take the animal to the shelter then. My family did that once with a tom – an intact tom nevertheless … my parents were not the ideal pet owners … and after my mom’s sudden death nobody thought of tom. We had a cat friendly elderly lady as a neighbour and I hope Peter got his new home there, and she took him to the vet for his long overdue neuter. (I raised the topic of neutering with my Dad, I was 12 then, but Dad was strange and did not allow it).
    So yeah, I can understand how it happens when you CANNOT take the cat with you. But it is still so wrong on so many levels.
    And an elderly cat like that? That is just animal cruelty, I would have alerted the authorities so that the reckless owner would have gotten fined.

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