How To Remove Pet Odours From Your Home In Readiness For A New Cat

Preparing to bring a new pet into the home is a big step and there are a few things to consider before doing so. Cats are extremely sensitive to the smells of other cats and dogs, so in order to integrate them as smoothly as possible and make them feel comfortable in a new environment, it helps to remove pet odours from your property. With these tips, your home will smell fresher not only for you and your family but also for your new furry friend.

Keep up with regular housework

The first, and most obvious, step is to keep your home cleaned regularly to remove pet odours. This means wiping down vinyl floors, clearing up any messes straight away and vacuuming regularly to rid your home of pet dander and hair. This can build up and start to smell – particularly to other animals – but also triggers allergies in people who are sensitive. When it comes to your flooring, a sweep of laminate or hardwood floors might be enough to clear hair and dust, but it won’t be enough to remove odours, so make sure you’re wiping these surfaces down with a floor cleaner to really rid the area of any scent and bacteria.

Invest in a professional clean

Upholstery can absorb smells, including pet odours, which may not be immediately noticeable to you but to a cat, coming into your home for the first time, will be incredibly strong. These smells can make your cat fearful of the threat of other animals, as is their natural instinct, which can in turn make welcoming them to their new home trickier. Professional upholstery cleaning will resolve the issue of ingrained smells, removing them entirely and providing a more neutral space for your new addition to get used to. You want to ensure your cat is as comfortable exploring their home as possible, so they can settle in quickly and feel safe. A professional clean is the most efficient way to achieve that.

Keep your pet clean

It’s not only your furniture and floors that you need to clean to remove odours, but also your pet. Keeping your pet clean will reduce odours around the home, as well as minimising the smell they transfer to blankets, bedding and furniture. Grooming your pet regularly, from bathing to brushing, will help to keep your home smelling fresher and will reduce pet dander that can become odorous. Even things like wiping their ears, clipping nails and tooth brushing if your pet is amenable, will help to reduce bad smells in the home, especially when you’re bringing another into the property.

Wash their bedding

We’re used to washing our own bedding regularly but our pets’ bedding can often be left longer between washes. However, in reality, we should be washing our pets’ bedding as often as our own. Before your new cat arrives, it’s a good idea to wash anything that your pets have contact with, which includes any blankets they sleep on, beds, washing out any areas where they sleep at night and even toys they play with. These can easily get forgotten about but will smell over time, so cleaning them just before your new visitor will minimise the impact for them when they come into your home.

Clean out litter trays

Litter boxes are a prime area where your new addition will be able to smell other cats. It’s a good idea to have one litter box per cat if space allows, so that each pet has their own space, and make sure they’re cleaned out regularly. You can mix bicarbonate of soda into their litter to defend against odours, or choose a specific litter that is capable of fighting odours. It’s also a good idea to position the litter boxes in a contained area, if you haven’t already done so, such as in the bathroom, so any scent isn’t noticeable elsewhere in the home.

In summary

Pets are part of the family, and bringing a new one home can be a process that requires slow integration to ensure they feel safe. There’s no denying that it can be nerve wracking wondering whether they’ll settle in, but in making the surrounding environment as free from perceived threats as possible, you’ll be able to keep them comfortable. In addition to thorough cleaning and washing your pets and their bedding, it’s also a good idea to open up the windows in your home each morning to allow fresh air to flow through the property.

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