Guest Star: The Rescued Cat That Rescued her Human

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story by Bonnie:

On mothers day i went to my daughters house on an invite from her and my grandson to have lunch at their fav restaurant.

She does animal rescue and had gotten a 3 month kitten the day before. This kitty was found in a bush at the roadside after the rest of the family was found dead on the road. She was barely eating or drinking and huddled in the corner of her crate trembling. She kept her back to everyone and didn’t allow her self to be picked up and loved.

I told my daughter i would take her home to give her one on one attention temporarily. I did pick her up and held her to my chest. She was 3 months old but so tiny. She licked her head and dropped it into my armpit and thats where she remained including the ride home to my place.

Her tail appeared to be shortened. Her eyes were off especially the left. She couldn’t stand. Her head wobbled to the the left. Maybe a car tire hit the end of her tail and bounced her head off the pavement was my guess. I would hold her in my hand with her on her back and push against her legs for a little therapy to see if we could strengthen them.

She NEVER meowed! I did get her to eat and drink. She began wolfing down large amounts of food. Her body grew big and her head was still wobbly and the left eye kept straying. Wen she could begin to walk her legs would just give out on her. And when she finally could move a few inches she would veer to the left and fall over.

She didn’t have a name. All my friends wen they saw her said oh my goodness isn’t she precious and are you going to keep her. Definitely keeping her!! What was i going to name her they would ask…. well of course i named her Precious!! And she is just that!!

She’s now 9 months old. Her body is long and rectangular like a maine coon and her tail tho short haired is pretty think in diameter and grew longer than my other cats even tho the tip is totally gone!

She walks and balances slowly on the top of the couch trying to mimic my older cat Daisy who is like a protective security guard for Precious.

Precious also looks to Daisy for cues as to what we are looking at here and what am i supposed to be doing.

She has an area of thin hair on the left side of her face and her head and neck area are very sensitive to touch so she gets a-lot of body and tail rubs. Her eye doesn’t stray anymore but she has a depth perception issue and also seeing a dark toy on a dark surface is impossible for her.

She loves sleeping in the bathroom sink and drinking from that faucet! She loves to play in the water and frequently makes a mess in her water bowl area. She skates on the kitchen floor.

I had a very involved surgery myself 3 months ago. Daisy and Precious have been such a comfort to me during my recovery. Im thinking as i write this about who rescued who?

Daisy has a sister now and i have loved having a special kitten who has been a bit of a puzzle to figure out her perceptions and this sensitivity of her head and how her vision is off somewhat. She accepts short cuddles and now nose kisses me and purrs a bit when she first sees me.

I have so much love in my heart for both my cats. I loved Daisy first! But Precious?…… she’s living up to her name every single moment of every single day!!! I have a special place in my heart for this rescued kitty i took in on mothers day and decided to give her a forever home and i would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!

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