Guest Cat Star: Marty’s Story

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story by Marie about her cat Marty:

Marty is our youngest cat, who came to us as a pair of foster kittens with his brother and while his brother was quickly adopted, Marty stayed with us as his affectionate nature was already clear. He was very skinny at first as he had let his brother eat his food, so Marty would only get to eat the leftovers.

He is a sensitive cat who cares for all of us – he shows affection and is super playful in the morning, he still eats last and waits until the other cats have their food first. I wasn’t surprised when he grieved for my recently departed cat, he would care for her when she was sick by making sure she wouldn’t get picked on by the younger, more playful cats.

Marty’s favourite sleeping spot is high up on a shelf in my walk-in wardrobe where he can keep an eye on everything; occasionally he has fallen off during the night and makes a loud thud. He is very curious and gets into weird hiding spots, one of his favourite tricks is to sit on a chair and pounce on any cat that passes or hiding in bags if we leave them on the floor and popping out like a trapdoor spider when you lest expect it. Sometimes, I think that the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” is very true of Marty.

He recently had an incident that shook him a lot and changed his behaviour. The neighbours big dog regularly dug under our fence into our garden and while we managed to patch it up, the dog would find another weak spot. One day when I was out, the dog managed to get in and Marty must have gone out to challenge the dog to protect his friends. Unfortunately he was chased but thankfully he managed to jump the fence and get away. He didn’t come home for 24 hours and when he did he had injured the muscles/tendons in his leg in his hurry to get away but the vet assured me it will heal in time. The neighbours have fixed the fence but Marty can no longer jump up to high places, where he used to love sleeping.

Despite this, he still gets the zoomies in the morning, loves catnip and chases his friends around the house. He likes to head butt me affectionately and snuggles in for some cuddles. He remains an affectionate quirky cat and he brings us a lot of joy with his funny personality.

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5 thoughts on “Guest Cat Star: Marty’s Story

  1. jamienauthor says:

    Interesting to hear about the cat falling off the shelf! We had a cat who slept on top of the sofa next to a radiator. He would turn over in his deep sleep and land thud on the floor then walk out meowing a complaint as if someone had pushed him off!

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