Experts Reveal That Cats CAN get Sunburn – Here are the Signs and how to Protect Them…

The temperature in the UK hit extreme highs this week and with some areas still encountering the sun… you’re not the only one at risk – your cat is too!
The experts at All About Cats have detailed just why and how cats get sunburn and how you can keep your feline friends safe in the heat:
4 ways to prevent your cat getting burnt or overheated:
  • Cat sun cream – That’s right, be sure to apply sun cream to vulnerable areas of your cat such as ears, belly and nose. Always use a sun cream for cats, not humans. It is best however to speak to your vest first for advice on which cream to use as some cats can be sensitive to some chemicals.
  • Keep your cat indoors when it’s hottest – During midday to mid-afternoon, the sun is at its hottest and the harmful UV rays can really damage your cat. If your cat loves to lay on the sunny windowsill and sunbathe, maybe try blocking the window with a UV blocking film. Other ways include shade by plants, trees and cardboard boxes.

  • Keep an eye on them – Prevention is much easier than dealing with it after. Cat sunburn can lead to tumours and cancer and it will take drastic surgery to remove, so please look after your cats in the sun and the heat. Don’t let them wander too far in the heat and sun. Maybe work from home if you can, or check in on a video monitor.
  • Cool cat – Keeping your cat cool is just as important as preventing sunburn. Your cat can suffer from heatstroke which can be potentially fatal. Try making ice treats for them, invest in a cool mat, let them be okay with ice cubes or even just a wet cool towel for some relief. Water is of course vital!

Doron Wolffberg, Founder of All About Cats commented:
“Every cat can get sunburn, no matter what colour fur your cat has, however, the risk is much bigger with cats who have white or thin hair – and don’t forget the hairless cats! These cats tend to have super sensitive skin. Cats with patches of white hair or those who have recently been shaved for a procedure. “
“Keep an eye on your moggy in the heat and look out for any signs of sunburn, and act quickly. Sunburn on cats will appear as redness or irritation and will be very warm to touch. The affected skin will be sensitive and painful for your cat so try to be extremely careful and look out for any blisters. Of course, prevention is much better than dealing with sunburn after, so put procedures in place to make sure your cat is safe on hotter days.”
Please let me know if you have any questions or require further information on this. Happy to send over further comments or anything from All About Cats.
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