Purrsday Poetry: Warmth Of Heart

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Blues Wolf who runs a grief support group on Facebook.

Warmth Of Heart

An Angel sat by the blue waters that flowed
below Rainbow Bridge. Waters that were made
from the many tears shed for the angels, when they
ascended to the bridge. These waters were made from love.

This angel had not been at the bridge long and worried
about his loved ones. He knew the pain that his family felt.
He was watching his family very closely. How can I get
them to see that by bringing another into their heart
is not replacing me? He had seen so many who needed
a loving home. His family would be the perfect ones to
give them that. The keeper of the winds spoke to this
Angel and explained that it took time for them to heal.
That right now his family was feeling his loss
very deeply. They are afraid to love again.

The angel wanted to ease the hearts of his family and
let them know he was well. ‘Can I send them one to
warm their Souls. One who needs them as much
as they need him?’ The Keeper Of The Winds
nodded his approval and left the Angel to find
a companion for his family.

Many days were spent looking for the right companion to
to send. Then one was found. A small kitten
sat crying at the moon asking for help. He had never
known the gentle touch of a family. But he had been told
about it by others who had been reunited with their
loved ones. Leaving him alone to dream. The Angel
shed many tears for this lost one. He was cold,
hungry and dirty. Thinking of his warm bed by the fire
going to waste now. The Kitten would fit that bed perfectly.

Keeper Of The Winds please bring this lonely one to
my family so all may heal together. A glowing star
guided their path to the Kitten. They were watched
by wary eyes that also held hope. Have they come for me?
Coming out from behind a tree he walked up to them.
Looking up into tear filled eyes of ones who sensed
the angel near. Giving a small weak whimper
the Kitten got their attention. Eyes meet and
a bond was made. Gentle touches were felt for the
first time. A dream had come true.

The Angel whispered ‘never feel guilty for giving
love. Through this one who has been found, we will
touch again.’

© J.C. Stewart

muffin heart

An additional link to her pet memorial page.

If you are an author or aspiring author of cat poetry why not send them in to us? 😀




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8 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Warmth Of Heart

  1. MaryLou Griffith says:

    I love the poem but it would be nice to be able to see it without ads (MANY ADS!) in the body of the poem. Can’t the ads be put at the start or end? I can’t even print it without the ads. Very disappointing!

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi MaryLou, We do run ads in order to keep the site free but they are set not to be too intrusive so will have to have a look at the settings tomorrow. 🙁

    • Marc-André says:

      Actually had a look now… and on my preview browser (not logged in so it thinks I am a regular visitor) it shows side bar ads which don’t impact the the article, top above the article and one right at the end. If there are other things showing for you please send a screenshot to info@katzenworld.co.uk so we can send that on to our ads provider to verify if it is their doing or your browser got hijacked by malware.

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