The Most Critical Differences Between Dog Grooming And Cat Grooming

As a dog and a cat owner, when it comes to grooming, it can be difficult to get the job done. After all, dogs and cats are very different from each other. The good news is you can easily learn how to groom your dog and your cat, despite the differences in grooming techniques.

Here are some of the major differences between grooming a dog versus grooming a cat.

  1. Cats Are Better at Self-Grooming Than Dogs

If you haven’t noticed, cats seem to take personal grooming very seriously. Your dog on the other hand might not be that interested in grooming itself. Nobody knows the reason for this big difference in self-grooming. If you observe your cat you’ll notice it spends many hours licking its fur. Even stray cats do this. Dogs, however, can go for days without even attempting to groom themselves. They’ll agreeably go around with matted fur and mud without concern.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t intervene in your cat’s grooming session. At the very least you should be able to brush your cat’s coat with a special hairbrush to help remove dead hair. Brushing is also good for distributing skin oils. This will make the new hair look fresh and shiny.

As for your dog, it’s important to give your dog a bath at least once or twice a month. You may even have to bathe them more often if your dog likes to roam outdoors. Bathing your dog is important to remove parasites like ticks and fleas that could spread to your other pets or even to your family.

Funny portrait of a welsh corgi pembroke dog showering with shampoo. Dog taking a bubble bath in grooming salon.
  1. It’s Easier to Trim Dog Nails Compared to Cat Nails

Dog nails are often worn down when left untrimmed for an extended period of time. This is because dogs use their nails to do fun stuff like digging holes in dirt. You’ll need to trim your dog’s nails to avoid them snagging on furniture fabric or your clothes when they jump on you. Dog grooming specialists such as H&H Dog Grooming can do this for you if you’re afraid of cutting too close to their tips.

On the other hand, cat nails are retractable. Usually, there won’t be a need for trimming. Since cats are very good with self-grooming, they can handle their nails as well. But as a cat owner, you have to inspect these carefully to check for infections or even parasites. This becomes more important if your cat lives indoors with you.

If you have to trim your cat’s nails, make sure to do it when your cat is feeling content and safe. You may need a companion to hold onto the cat while you carefully trim its nails. If your cat becomes agitated, stop clipping and wait until it calms down. If the cat simply refuses to let its nails be trimmed, refrain from forcing the issue. This will avoid the risk of being scratched. And of course make sure that you use decent nail clippers such as the super silent Zen Clippers.

  1. It’s Easier to Brush Dog’s Teeth Than Cat’s Teeth

It’s generally easier to brush your dog’s teeth than brushing your cat’s teeth. Dogs are more amiable about this. Cats can fight back if you try too hard to brush their teeth. One similarity between your dog and your cat is when taught at a young age, they can be more receptive to the process. It can be a hard experience to try to impose toothbrushing if you acquire them as adult pets.

To brush your dog’s teeth, you need veterinary toothpaste. Avoid using human toothpaste as it can cause digestive problems if your dog swallows it. Your cat will also require veterinary toothpaste for the same reason. You should only attempt to brush your dog’s teeth if it’s calm and if it doesn’t exhibit hostility. Cats are also very sensitive to aggressiveness so you should be calm and pleasant when attempting to brush their teeth.

Final Takeaway

Grooming your cat and dog can be quite an experience. Your cat is generally more self-possessed and independent compared to your dog, especially when it comes to grooming. But despite such differences, one thing they both have in common is they both require your assistance when it comes to grooming. Giving baths, brushing hair, trimming nails and brushing teeth are all part of the territory you entered when you became a pet owner. Despite the difficulties, the love and attention you shower your pets with throughout the grooming process, will definitely be reciprocated. Because of this you’ll stand to benefit as well when you see your beautiful, healthy pets afterwards.

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    Hi there. Do you know of any good remedies for hairball throwing up? Well I live in the US, so the brands might be different, so far I gave her Feline’s Greenies, but it doesn’t work that well anymore, besides the company stopped producing this. Any suggestions, I would love to hear, thank you.

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