ZenClipper – The Worry Free NailClipper for Pets

Hi everyone,

No matter if you have a dog, cat or small furry such as a rabbit, keeping your pet’s nails in good shape is an important part of being a pet guardian.

And when it comes to our feline companions I am sure many cat guardians will agree that clipping their claws is not always an easy task! In fact, many of us probably have to take their cat to a groomer or vet costing a fortune over time but knowing it’s just not fair to try it at home as it’ll be stressful for the cat and not to mention dangerous for us.

But why is it such a stressful process? Why do our cats refuse to have their claws clipped? Many cat lovers will claim that cats should not have their claws clipped as they need them for defense and to be able to climb up objects which are fine for outdoor cats that constantly use their claws and thus shed the outside sheet plus losing the sharpness to them. Sadly when it comes to indoor cats, even those with access to plenty of scratch trees and pads, not cutting their nails can lead to problems such as overgrown claws or even those in growing into their soft pads which is not just painful but can potentially lead to dangerous infections.

So what if you have an indoor cat and your cat simply “refuses” to have their nails clipped?

Well… we have been in the same situation with our moggie Oliver who ever since we adopted him as a kitten simply would not tolerate having his nails clipped with conventional clippers. To make things worse his claws are genetically predisposed to grow inwards towards his pads thus leading to a bi-monthly visit to the vet or our groomer friend to have them trimmed, usually a 3 people job EVEN with the assistance of a professional but certainly less dangerous than doing it at home. 😉

Our assumption was that he must have had a horrible experience before we adopted him and most likely that is correct!

Luckily for us, one of our partners PerAnimal started distributing a unique clipper called ZenClipper which is not just completely silent but features a unique circular design which prevents pet guardians from cutting the quick as long as the right size of the clipper is purchased. As with any new product I am skeptical until we get to try it out but were pleasantly surprised as to how silent and easy to use the clipper was when we initially trialed it with our easy cats (Rennie & Freya will actually sit and push their claws out during caticure!)

So the next stage was Mr Oliver, the destroyer of solid oak wood tables (the last time we tried to do it at home, prior to having one of these clippers he actually managed to shred the solid wood table!). We got him onto Iain’s lap and I got ready to cut his claws of course accompanied with some low-level growling as he assumed it was going to be one of the traditional clippers!

Much to our surprise we got through the first couple of claw tips with a bit off growling and one hiss, waiting for the moment he’d turn and outright attack… but that moment never came! Instead, we managed to clip all of his claw tips on both the front and back legs. It was still a 2 people job, hence why we have no photos BUT coming from NOT being able to cut his claws at home at all to being able to clip ALL of his claws in one session was a HUGE and unexpected improvement.

So how does ZenClipper work?

ZenClipper a revolutionary new pet nail clipper that is designed to clip just the tip of the nail. Zen Clipper has a patent-pending conical blade that only allows the tip of the pet’s nail into the cutting area, it’s like putting the tip of the nail into a small funnel. You clip just the tip and avoid the quick. Originally invented for cats, Zen Clipper can also be used on dogs, birds, reptiles and small animals like ferrets and rabbits.

All nails are slightly different on every pet, although most are similar in size and shape on a given pet. The first time you use ZenClipper, observe that the quick of the nail, the red part that has the blood supply, won’t be cut by the blade. Just a few tries and you’ll be using the ZenClipper confident that it “Clips the Tip and Not the Quick”. ZenClipper is especially helpful for pet owners with limited near vision since it will prevent you from cutting off too much of the nail, even if you cannot see up close.

There are 7 sizes of Zen Clipper and below are some guidelines for choosing the right size for your pet.

Zen Clipper Size XXS – 1.5mm hole. This size is for smaller birds, kittens, ferrets, smaller reptiles and small animals like guinea pigs.

Zen Clipper Size XS – 2mm hole. The XS is for most adult cats.

Zen Clipper Size S – 2.5mm hole. This is for larger cats, larger birds, puppies, large reptiles and very small dogs.

Zen Clipper Size M – 3mm hole. For small dogs and larger puppies. A Dachshund would be a good fit.

Zen Clipper Size L – 3.5mm hole. For dogs approximately 20lbs to 40lbs | 9 – 18kg.

Zen Clipper Size XL – 4mm hole. For dogs approximately 25lbs to 50lbs | 11- 23kg.

Zen Clipper Size XXL – 5mm hole. For medium to larger dogs, approximately 25lbs to 60lbs | 23 – 30kg.

The vast majority of adult cats use a size XS.

A handy sizing card can be ordered or downloaded in our Shop.

Why does ZenClipper make such a difference to pet behaviour?

From our trials on Mr Oliver we think this is down to a few reasons. For starters most of traditional clippers make a loud noise when you try to clip your pets claws there as these are completely silent. The second reason is most likely down to cheaper clippers often crushig the nail and causing discomfort instead of actually cutting it. As there is no way for you a human finger to get into the clippers the blades on these are ultra sharp and thus easily clip even tougher nails!

And of course knowing that there is no chance to accidentally cut the quick it means us humans are much more confident in clipping our pets nails which means we are quicker at doing it and most likely our pets read that our body language has changed.

The ZenClipper is available directly on the PerAnimal website as well as our own blog shop. If you are a pet business do get in touch with them about stocking the clippers.



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7 thoughts on “ZenClipper – The Worry Free NailClipper for Pets

    • Marc-André says:

      Yes we couldn’t believe these when we first heard about them we were a little skeptical but wouldn’t look back now! ?

  1. meowmeowmans says:

    Those sound like great clippers, indeed. We’re fortunate in that Gracie and Ava tolerate their nails being trimmed. But who knows? Maybe with Zen Clippers, they would do even better. 🙂

    • Marc-André says:

      You are welcome! 🙂 if you can’t find one in your country we have them in our blog shop with international delivery options. Loved them so much that we decided to stock them there.

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