Cooper the Water Loving Sphynx Cat

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Please find below a submission by Niklas Lundström and his cat Cooper:

Cooper is a 9 year old Sphynx cat living in Sweden. He has attracted worldwide attention on major TV channels, social media, various magazines and even Hollywood celebrities have paid attention to him. Cooper is the cat who loves water. Every Sunday he bathes, preferably with his rubber ducks and lots of bubbles.

Cooper moved in with me in 2012, he was an extremely energetic kitten and he was curious about everything. Above all, he was curious about water. He searched for water all the time in water glasses, sink, water jugs, pots (with cold water) and the bathtub.

One day when I took a bath, he jumped up to the edge and started splashing in the water with his paw. When he sat on the edge and splashed the water Cooper became completely unreachable, he disappeared into his own world. The weeks passed and one day when I was taking a bath Cooper sat on the edge as usual. This time he wanted more than just splashing in the water, he jumped right into the bathtub. My first thought was to quickly carry him out of the bathtub before he would panic. But instead, he started splashing in the water and disappeared into his own world again. When this happened, Cooper was 20 weeks old and since then Cooper has bathed every Sunday.

Today, Cooper is 9 years old and loves water as much as he did when he was a kitten. The difference today compared to 9 years ago is that Cooper learned a lot of things when it comes to water. I usually have to tell people who come to visit us that they have to be prepared that when they start a water tap, Cooper comes flying through the apartment. I also have to tell them to keep an eye on their water glasses. Because if Cooper sees a glass of water, it should be a paw in there and if there’s not enough water, he’ll knock out the glass. He knows that when I start the tap for the bathtub, it’s time for a bath. He sits curiously and watches as the bathtub fills up and then jumps in. If it had been up to him, he would have bathed every day and preferably for many hours. But he’ll have to settle for Sundays and 20 minutes.

Cooper’s love to water has gone so far that he has to wear a life jacket when he’s near deep water. On the beach and near swimming pools, he wears his life jacket. In Sweden, the water is usually cold so he is satisfied to just sitting and watching the waves. But in swimming pools the water is warm so he jumps in there. And I can tell you that Cooper hadn’t won any Olympic medals in swimming.

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I’m often asked why Cooper loves water, unfortunately I don’t have a good answer to that. Most naked cats don’t like water (just like most cats). There are naked cats that are OK with water, but no one is even close to Cooper’s love of water. Because a life without water is a boring life, Cooper thinks. The best answer I can give you is that Cooper comes from another planet or that he was fish in his past life.

Instagram: Sphynxnille

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