Guest Star Cat: Sophie, a Turkish Van Mix

Late evening on October 23, 2020, a pregnant mother cat was dumped on the doorstep of human foster parents, Suzy and Rich, two miles from Disneyland in  Anaheim, California.  A few hours later, they assisted Mama cat in giving birth to six kittens.  Mama cat was young and needed assistance cutting their umbilical cords.  One kitten did not survive, but four males and a female thrived

Mama Cat, Sophie & brothers

Over the next few weeks, we received photos and videos of the kittens.   It did not take long to fall in love with the little female kitten with the tilted head, staring into a mirror (see photo below).

Per foster parents, she was always the first to check out a new toy or scratcher and she was very smart!  She was also a champion wrestler – always winning matches against her brothers.

At first, we caller her “Bowtie” due to the black bowtie marking on top of her head.  The foster parents were told she might have “Turkish Van”  – the all white body with a dark tail, dark making on her head, small amber, almond-shaped eyes, jumping skills, etc.  Only time will tell how much of the Van is in her as they take 3-5 years to fully develop.

We adopted Bowtie in February at age three months and changed her name to “Sophie”.   She fearlessly explored every nook and cranny of our house the first day instead of staying in the confined, safe space we provided for her.  She excelled at playing with rollerball toys, felt mice, puzzle boxes, and scratching posts.  She entertain for hours.

She has became best friends with our other adopted shelter rescue cats, Maverick, a 16 pound Maine Coon mix, and Tabitha, our calico and a previous Tummy Rub Tuesday girl!  Sophie and Maverick often cuddle together for long naps.  Maverick grooms her and it is evident they love each other,   Tabitha and Maverick teaches her the best poses for tummy tubs.

Sophie has an unusual vocalization – like a low hum.  She loves to fetch favorite toys – first, a felt mouse, now an orange plastic spring.

She also hides under the covers.  Sophie loves to hide toys underneath throw rugs, bath mats and towels.  She also loves water and tries to turn on the bathroom faucet with her jaws. She often naps in the sink.

Sophie has a very unique black “beauty mark” on the side of her left nostril.  This, along with her small amber eyes and energy, causes her to look like she is in  “good trouble”  –  she is quite entertaining and loved by our adopted cats and us.

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